Saturday, December 13, 2008

NEW $50 Sharebuilder Bonus

Well, we all know I have been waiting for this.

I have opened my account for myself. My husband has opened one. I have set one up for my son with me as the custodial. AND...I have been waiting for the next code to set my daughter's account up! Yeah!

Want to know more about Bank Offers and Bonuses? Go to my left menu bar at any time to find the Bank Offers button. It is a great way to make extra money and get access to great new accounts!

Complete your transaction, you can expect to get your free money within 4-6 weeks.

If setting up for a child, you will need to enter the parents information first, and THEN it will prompt for your child's info later in the process. Just make sure you click on custodial when beginning the process.

Also, there is a limit of 1 bonus per unique customer or custodial beneficiary with this code.

And, don't forget, you will now be a stock owner! Yeah!

And, Sharebuilder has low $4 fees for trading stocks, so this may be a great alternative to what you are using right now for investing.

Thanks to Maximizing Money for alerting me to the new code!


BREE said...

Thank you! I just signed myself up with the other code last week...and my husband with this one, so that's 100 dollars in a week for me, and all because of you! Woohoo! Thanks!

Claire said...

I just did this 2 days ago and they've already confirmed that 50 will be coming!!

This is a really great offer:)

Claire at ChoysterCash

skyfly21 said...

does the $50 just go to our account, or are we mailed a check for the $50? Either way, it's a great deal! thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

If you have a birthday during the month you open your ShareBuilder account - you can do any better.

My son's account took longer to open - because we had to fax info to verify his identity.

BUT in the meantime he had a birthday - and Sharebuilder sent him an email with a promocode for a FREE automatic trade this month as a birthday gift.

Since he hasn't made his first trade yet - he can use the code for that - and his first trade will only be $1


Carrie @ said...


The $50 will show in your account.

But, you can withdraw it immediately, if you like. I just had mine sent to my checking account, and it hit in about a 5 days from when I processed the electronic transfer.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, a quick question...when opening a custodial account for a child, how do you answer the "Do you already have an account?" question? I've opened one for myself w/the last code, and now one for my hubby w/this code.

Anonymous said...

Can you close your account after you transfer the 50$?

Carrie @ said...

I am sure you could, but why? :-)

With that original $5, you are buying stock. You OWN that. You never know, years from now it could be worth something decent.

If you sold it to close your account, you need to pay another $4 transaction fee.

Meanwhile, Sharebuilder occasionally sents out Free Trade coupon codes. That means, if your family have been looking at some stock they want to purchase, you can actually go buy it free in this account. Bonus!

I am all over this, because the fees we pay thru Fidelity at times can be quite hefty.

I say leave it open!!

I'll try and post whenever I find free trading coupon codes, too.

Carrie @ said...

By the way, when I say buy the stock for free, I mean free trading still have to pay for the stock. :-)

Debbie said...

Okay, I am completely new to all of this. Just found your site two weeks ago, and this is going to be my first account opening like this.

I'm going to open it in my son's name since he has a birthday this month (actually yesterday), to see if the birthday thing works for me too.

I hope you will keep posting codes, etc. I'm a really quick learner, but I'm gonna need some guidance at first!

Thanks for the great blog!

Teri said...

Hi Carrie,

I had the same question as someone do you answer do you already have an account when opening one for a child?


Jennifer said...

I tried to open one, but my husband already has one. The site keeps recognizing our computer and automatically signing him in...what can I do?

Sandra said...

Can I use this same code to set up one account for myself and a separate account for my husband? Or am I only able to use this code for myself and then wait for another code to come out to set up an account for my husband? Thanks!


Kimberly S. said...

I was thinking of opening an account for my niece and wondered when they ask for information do I fill it out about my sister (the parent) or my own? Thank you.

Carrie @ said...


It all depends on your state, unfortunately.

Depending where you live ( which state ) regulates who can open an account for a child.

You will need to call Sharebuilder personally and ask if you can open it as the custodial for her OR if it must be her parents.

Wish I could give you a specific answer. said...

Hello Carrie,

I just wanted to say thank you for the reference link and I appreciate your comments.

You've got a great blog. I especially life your Freebies, as I just can't get enough free stuff.

Thank you again, Max