Monday, December 1, 2008

Discover 5% Back on Gas and $20 Gift Card Offer

Discover Open Road

Well, it is official, I needed a new Gas Credit Card.

Why? Well, I was using one where I got 6% back on all Gas, Grocery and Drugstore purchases. It was wonderful and I made ALOT of money back over the least year and a half.

But, it was time to move on. Number one, they lowered my cash back to 3%. Still OK, but not great! Number two, I had to use the money earned to buy a car ( used, new or leased ). Since we don't need another new car in the next year, there really was no sense in accumulating more money in that account.

So, here is the card I am going to use for a bit now. I will still be searching for other high payout cards for my groceries, etc.

Discover Open Road Credit Card is wonderful because they pay 5% back on Gas. Pretty close to the 6% I was getting before. But, please read the terms/conditions. How it works is that you get up to $100 back a month. After you have bought $100 of gas in a month, you then only get 1% back. So, in total, you can get $1,200 a year.

What is a possible work around? I have a card...all for my own. I did NOT sign my husband up as a co-applicant. In addition, he does the same thing. So, now we can get $2,400 a year. Since he always fills his car up and I always fill my minivan up, it should work out fine.

Why else do I like Discover? They allow you to cash out and relatively low balances. In the past, I was always able to cash out at $20. I would have it applied directly to my statement and short pay my next payment that amount. But, you can also choose to have the money sent to you.

Just like with my other cards, I am putting a sticker on the front of my card and my husbands saying GAS. That way, we know to only use it for that. Although it does pay 1% on other purchases, I would rather use cards where I get a higher payout for other bills, groceries, etc we buy.

Interested in getting the Discover Open Road Credit Card, too? Click here.

MEANWHILE, if you currently have a Discover Card or request yours and get it quickly, make sure to check out the $20 Free Discover Gift Card Promotion. Click here to read all the terms and to find a participating mall near you.

If you buy $200 of ANYTHING on your Discover at a participating mall between November 1st and January 4, 2009, you will get a $20 Gift Card. That is a savings of 10% on top of the percentage you are getting back in your rewards! You can do this 5 times.

So, while you are out Holiday Shopping, keep those receipts!

YTD Earnings w/ this method ( Credit Cards ) = $899

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Debbie said...


Here's an even better deal for a gas credit card that a friend of ours found (he drives a dump truck for a living and has a huge gas bill every month).

Pentagon Federal Credit Union offers a flat 5% cash back on all gas purchases.

If a member of your family (any member) is in the military, you can get the card for free, but if you don't have a family member in the military, they charge you $25 to open the account (that's it)!

They take the 5% off your bill immediately each month, so when your bill comes, it is minus the discount already.

I immediately switched my gas credit card over to this one and closed my Citi gas card.

Like you, once I got the card, I got a Sharpie and wrote GAS across the front of it, so my husband would remember what to use it for!

Take a look at their website; it's a better card to invest in (I think) over the Discover Card because THERE IS NO CAP--EVER!

Can't beat that!