Saturday, December 27, 2008

$3 Off $15 CVS Coupon - Printable

This could NOT have come at a better time for me. I have $35 worth of ECBs expiring tomorrow, so I was heading up to CVS as a necessity! I refuse to let those Extra Care Bucks expire.

So, now I have a $3 Off $15 coupon to increase my purchase power! And, it doesn't expire until January 9th. Yeah!

I would like to thank Megan at Saving Our Cents for posting this great find.

Want to get your hands on this great coupon, too? Click here. Go to page 29 and print or save.

Not sure why I love CVS? You can get "many" of your household products for free or next to nothing thanks to their Extra Care Bucks program, combined with coupons. Essentially, I have $35 worth of ECBs to use tomorrow, which means I will use them to pay for $35 worth of merchandise tomorrow.

In addition, I am going to try and buy more products that generate ECBs, meaning I will walk out paying nothing or next to nothing out of pocket and then extra ECBs that I can use to pay next time.

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Hollee said...

Today at my CVS, they told me they had changed the rules and any value coupon (i.e. $4 off $20 or $3 off $15) counted as the total price AFTER manufacturer's coupons. Has anyone else had that experience? I never have $20 or $15 after coupons.

Carrie @ said...

I used 3 of them today, and it was before my manufacturer coupons. They didn't say anything.

But, it could be different per store...or so new that the clerk checking me out didn't know the new rules.

I would recommend contacting CVS corporate via their phone number to find out the true policy.