Friday, November 7, 2008

Your Monthly Free Samples

Quality Health Free Colgate Sample

For all of you who have registered for Quality Health since reading my blog, this is your monthly reminder to go out and get your free sample.

This month it is Colgate Toothpaste. My email from them came on November 3rd, so go check your inbox.

For those of you who have not registered yet, click here. It is a great service. Once a month, you get your monthly free sample email. In addition, you get Health related newsletters via your inbox throughout the month.

As I always recommend, please send this to your "deals" mail account, not your personal. If you don't have one, just go to Yahoo to create a free email account.

P & G Brands Sampler Free Tide Sample

P&G also has a great site that I have recommended in the past. Make sure to go out there today, too and request your free sample of Tide Detergent. You can login and register here.

Shaw's Freebies

FINALLY, this isn't a free sample...but it is FREEBIES. 5 Free Boxes of Cereal, a $5 Gift Card for buying them ( profit ) and Free Coffee Mate. If you live near a Shaws ( I don't, unfortunately ), click here to read the deal Beth from My Brain is inside Out found at her local store.

Thanks for sharing, Beth!

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kelly said...

thanks for the P&G reminder!