Friday, November 7, 2008

Box Tops 4 Education Collection Fun!

Now that Box Tops 4 Education has these fun worksheets, my son is actually getting into cutting the Box Tops with me when I get home from the store.

As a 1st grader, it is a great math lesson, too. They have 1o spots he needs to stick his Box Tops to and then the sheet he turns in and he knows it equals $1.00! So, 10 cents, 10 times is $1, he said to me today. Yeah!

And, I also explain that everytime we turn one of these in it is donating to his school and helping them by more equipment, books and supplies that they need to teach him and his friends.

And, are you someone who doesn't have kids or grandkids in school. PLEASE remember to cut your Box Tops, too. It takes no time and you can give to a neighbor, mail in or just drop them by your local school. It is a great way to help the community.

Want to have fun with Box Tops, too? Click here to go and print the Turkey Donation page. Want some other fun ideas? Click here for their activity center.

By the way, don't forget if you shop thru their Marketplace online, your school gets extra money, too. Andrea at Mommy Snacks is actually holding a giveaway right now for a $50 JcPenney Gift Card for those who do a little shopping there. Click here to enter.

Finally, they are still giving away the 5 free Box Tops to the school of your choice if you sign up here. In fact, you get a free fruit roll up, too. I am sure most of us have already done this, but if you are one of my readers who still hasn' is a great deal. You get a freebie and the school gets some money!

Fruit Roll-ups

Big thanks to my PTO for sending us a reminder home yesterday on all these worthwhile ways to take part!


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

i know you don't usually do grocery deals, but i put together a deal at Shaws this week that gives you 5 free boxes of cereal, a free $5 gift card (for buying the 5 cereals), and free coffee mate. check it out if you have a sec!

:) Beth

Anonymous said...

I have tried to get my free sample at quality health, but they have you click all that information that seems to go on forever.

Is there an easy way to do it?


Carrie @ said...

The first time you set up your account, there will be a lot of questions...kind of like doing online establish your account.

But, after that, when you get your monthly sample email, it should take you directly to a page with 5 questions all in a row. I answer no to them all...take me all of 10 seconds, and my sample is on it's way.

I only log in once a month when my monthly sample email comes.

I will usually put a reminder on my blog, too, when the monthly sample is available each month.