Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vote for Coffee! Thanks Starbucks!

I am going to have a busy Tuesday!

I have to run to the polls and vote with 3 kids in tow!!

I have to hit Krispy Kreme for our free doughnut and Ben & Jerry's for free ice cream.

And, favorite. I need to run by Starbucks for free coffee!

Yep, that is right!

Starbucks is joining in the fun, too and offering freebies for voters!

You will receive a free 12 oz. ( Tall ) brewed coffee ( limit one per customer ). Click here to see their advertisement.

So, as I have mentioned before. If taking part in voting for the next President of the United States isn't enough to get you up to the polls, maybe free doughnuts, ice cream and coffee will inspire you instead! :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm going to get my donut for sure!! And then I will check my receipt.

That is something that I didn't used to do. But many restaurants now print a toll-free number and website on the receipt - to take a brief survey for something free on your next visit.

Recently I went to TGIF with a coupon for a free appetizer (with the purchase of two drinks - (tea for me!) My receipt had a number to call for another free appetizer.

This week - we went to Sonic and got hamburgers (1/2 price on Tuesdays after 5) - and the receipt had a number to call for a free Route 66 drink (big one).

And my Wendy's receipt had a number to call for a free float. The float I get for taking the survey costs more than the hamburger I bought on my visit.


Anonymous said...

I love your website ...
I'm seriously going to devote a couple hours this week to explore it more ...

Carrie @ said...


Reading receipts is a necessity..I always make sure to do it.

Not only for finding those freebies, but often they have raffles, surveys for coupons ( another 20% off, etc ) or like you found.

Also, the need to check them to make sure everything rings up right is the biggest reason. It is quite common for items to ring up wrong and that is often money lost to the!

Thanks for the great reminder to us all, Janet! Read your receipts!