Saturday, November 1, 2008

Super Saturday Savings - Free Gas Money!

Who doesn't need a little extra gas money, right?

Even though today, I couldn't believe it, our gas was down to $1.88 a gallon. Wow! I am ecstatic.

Still..I will take free gas money, of course.

Right now thru December 31st, if you sign up with Speedpass for free you can get just that.

First, if you live in FL, LA, MA, NC, NJ, RI and SC will get a $20 Exxon/Mobil Gas Card.

If you live elsewhere, you will get 5 cents off per gallon until you get to $20! But, it does only accrue for 3 months ( 90 days ), so make sure you fill up at Exxon/Mobil if they are competitively priced to get that extra 5 cents off.

In my area, Exxon/Mobil is one of the stations we use quite often and is affiliated with our United Dairy Farmers locations, is usually a bit cheaper or the same and conveniently located. So, this deal works out great for us!

In addition, get ANOTHER 1 cent off per gallon, indefinitely thru Upromise! Click here to sign up and use code 5Tylenol to get a $5 bonus for new members.

So, here is what you need to do to take advantage of this offer.

  • Click here to register with Speedpass and link it to the credit card you use to pay for gas. ( Right now, I recommend Chase Freedom(SM) Credit Card, as you will get 3.75% back on gas purchases. You can find this card by clicking here )
  • Click here to register with Upromise ( remember to use the promo code above ), if you do not already have an account and enter the same credit card you linked to Speedpass.
  • Already have a Upromise account? Login and make sure the same credit card is registered with Upromise.
  • Once your Speedpass arrives, click here to activate it.
  • As you fill up at Exxon/Mobil stations over the next 3 months, use your Speedpass ( pictured above ) and your gas will automatically charge to your credit card minus 5 cents per gallon. Plus, 1 cent per gallon will be refunded in your Upromise account.

Time to Go Fill Up!


Cristy said...

Oh wow! I live in FL. I am REALLY excited about this one. I have gotten the $5 gift cards before, but $20 is phenomenal. Thanks so much Carrie.

Rose Atwater said...

I can't seem to find the Freedom Card on those links. I did find it by using Google, but the information reads that you earn points, not dollars, and there's no mention of being able to redeem $200 for $250, as you discussed. Is that offer still available? Is the Freedom card currently being offered the same as you talk about?

Carrie @ said...


Here is the link directly to the Chase Freedom card. It is only good thru November 5th, I think.

It will give you $50 when you sign up, as a bonus. Then, 3% back on your top categories.

When you reach $200, it should have the capability to pick that and get $250 back instead ( making it 3.75% )

I will change this link in the post, too.

Thanks for letting me know the other link didn't have Chase Freedom anymore.