Friday, November 14, 2008

Super Saturday Savings - Get FREE postage when you sign up for & Cheaper Postage for the Holidays

I is not quite Saturday yet. But, I will be out and about all day tomorrow. We have our Cub Scout Museum tour for my son and then tomorrow evening is our town's Christmas Parade, Caroling and tree lighting. 4 year old daughter will be with her preschool class lighting the tree!

So, as you can see...I won't be around much to post my Saturday post.

I wanted to touch on again as it pertains to the Holidays. As you know from reading past posts, I am up to $20 in postage now that I have not paid for and have not paid a monthly membership fee yet, either. And, I have heard from many of you that you have also been doing great with your trials and thanks for sharing with me all the postage you have gotten, too.

New to my site, click here to read previous posts how to get postage, too.

But, the MAIN reason I am posting now is that, of course, you can still get Get FREE postage when you sign up for here. $5!

But, on top of that, they are charging LESS than the post office to ship packages right now.

This comes just in time for the Holidays!

Here is the deal:

  • Ship with Flat Rate Boxes ( get free here or at your Post Office )
  • Fill up with AS MUCH weight as you need in these sturdy boxes and send anywhere you want
  • Come in 3 sizes
  • Standard Size Boxes pay $9.30 to ship thru ( it would be $9.80 thru the Post Office )
  • Large Boxes pay $10.50 to $12.50 thru ( it would be $12.95 thru the Post Office )
  • In addition, is offering DISCOUNTED shipping to APO/FPO overseas. Ship the Large Box for only $10.50! Call 1-800-610-8734 to request your free Military Care Kit which includes the boxes you need.

For those of us who have been using thruout the year, this is a great time to save even more on shipping. I am excited, because my Brother-in-law lives with his family in Hawaii. And, shipping is ALWAYS ridiculously expensive for us. So, I will be using this service this year and packing that box FULL of gifts for this low price.

Finally, don't forget offers Photo Stamps. If you would like pictures of your kids or family on your stamp, this is a great service. It is adorable and will really dress up those Christmas cards as you send them out.

I will be posting this information on my Holidays Savings tab in the left menu bar, in case you would like to access it later for your shipping needs.


Lisa said...

How do you have a account and don't pay a monthly fee after the trial period?

Carrie @ said...

Hey Lisa,

Make sure to click on the "click here" to read previous posts in the post above.

It will take you to the past posts I did on how to work this deal out.

Also, if you go to my 2008 Savings/Earnings drop down in the upper right on Free Trials. That will give you a general overview of how I make money all year long on free trials from companies that send me junk mail, emails or call me.

The key is to mark your email/planner and cell phone calendar ( I like 3 reminders ) to call and cancel a couple days before your trial is up.

Almost all companies will waive membership fees and ask you to stay a member another month. usually, also, gives you another $5 to try just one more month.

Then, they usually cancel you after the 2nd month.

BUT...a few months down the road, they send you a Please come Back mailer and you get more free postage. It is a vicous cycle, as you can see. :-)

I once got internet free for 2 years by calling each month to cancel, and then when I actually did finally cancel, they got mad at me. After never paying? Isn't that just crazy!

Anyway, I hope that explains a bit more. Feel free to call or email if you need more information.