Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Coke Rewards Extended until Dec 2009!

I am truly excited about this. I had all but planned to no longer be able to use this program at the end of this year, when.....I got an email letting me know that they have extended their program until the end of 2009! Yippee!

If you haven't read my original post on why I like Loyalty Programs yet, click here. I sign up for any Free Loyalty, Preferred Customer Program I can...and get many great deals and freebies this way.

My Coke Rewards has been one of my favorites thru the years. With every 12 pack of soda you buy or bottle of their products ( from water to Lemonade to Coke ) you get a code to enter and get points.

These points can then be redeemed for gifts, free items, coupons, etc.

Originally, I used my points for a Free 12 Pack Coupon. Next,I used them for a free $5 Subway e-Gift, then, just last month...I had so many points ( and thought the program was ending soon ), so I printed out 7 $1.00 off 12 pack coupons. I combined these with Super Doubles at KMart when their Coke products were on sale and walked out paying $1 per 12 pack. It was a great deal.

Earlier in the month, I had used those same coupons at CVS when they were giving Extra Cash Back on Coke and spent just a bit more than $1.

Needless to say, if you are not a member of Coke Rewards yet, click here. It is free to join and begin accumulating your points. You don't need to hold off for the big prizes ( although, you can if you want ), but there are also items you can get fairly quickly with not many points...such as coupons.

Here is to another great "Coca-Cola" year! Cheers!


A Mom with Saving Money Ideas said...

Just wondering how it will work, because the current coke products I buy does not have any Coke Reward codes on them. Are you still seeing the codes on new products?

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

So far, everything I have gotten still have the codes in them. From my 12 packs to my bottles ( they are in the caps ).

I am assuming they will still be printing codes if they are extending it another year.

Where was yours missing?