Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Freebies from Bath and Body Works & Famous Footwear

It seems like I am constantly writing a post about another Bath & Body Works freebie. But, well, I can't help it. They keep sending me coupons for free products.

I recently received a coupon for a FREE product ( up to $13 value ) with ANY purchase. And, if you have read past posts, you know these coupons are pretty easy to use. You can buy the cheapest product in the store ( I always buy the $1 gift bags ) and then your $13 product is free.

This time, the coupon is a bit different. The product canNOT be over $13. So, I bought a bottle of the $12 lotion. You can see the picture to the right. And, this is another teacher gift. I am slowly buying for all 10 teachers ( school, preschool, religion class, dance, etc ) that my kids have with these free coupons.

Hopefully, you received your coupon in the mail, too. But, if not, please click here to register for Bath & Body Works newsletter so you begin receiving their email promotions as well as hard copy coupons in the mail. And, just for signing up you will get a Freebie coupon for a $3.50 lotion w/ any purchase. So, head to the store to get a $1 gift bag and a free mini lotion.

In addition, Famous Footwear also has a great rewards program, too. Click here to register. Just by registering for free, you will get access to member discounts when they are available, private sales and bonus pair opportunities.

In addition, you earn points whenever you shop. In fact, a few weeks ago I got a $5 Off coupon for $5 or more mailed to me from them. So, I headed up to the store and bought a package of little girl socks for my daughter as a stocking stuffer. She needed some new ones. They were $5.99, so I had to pay 99 cents for the pack. Good deal!

As always, you can click here to see why I love customer rewards and loyalty programs. You can really get a lot of free or cheap merchandise thru the year thanks to them.

And, as always, set an email account up specifically for newsletters, rewards programs, etc. This makes it easy to access all your "deals" at one time without interfering with your personal email.

YTD Earnings/Savings for this method ( Loyalty Programs ) is $476


sashafras said...

I wish my coupon was that good. I had to buy $10 worth of product to get the $13 item for free.

Tisha said...

I just wanted to say that I had written Victoria's Secret a compliment and included my address months ago and now I always get perks from them. The latest one I got was $10 off $10 coupon!
I recently got the free bath & body works up to $13 with any purchase. I love it!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


That is the email coupon...I got that one too.

The coupon I am speaking of is a hard copy coupon that comes in the mail.

Make sure to read all that junk mail.

And, if you are fairly new to their list....it may take awhile before you begin getting the hard copy coupons. Not sure.

sashafras said...

Oh, okay! Thanks for the tip!

Aries Mom said...

I never would have thought to sign up for Bath and Body works until your blog. So Thank you very much.