Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3 Days for Free McDonald's McCafe Coffee

Have you been keeping up on the news lately? If you have, then you know across many, many industries, companies are losing money hand over fist.

The retail market last month had a TERRIBLE time of it, the auto industry is struggling to simply to keep their heads above water and do we even need to speak about the banking industry ( or AIG enjoying another lavish meeting...what is the truth behind that is their response )? I mean, in all honesty I don't want to watch the news and witness the catastrophe but on the other hand, it is like watching a train wreck, you can't take you eyes away from the horror.

But, there is a bright light in all of this mess! As the news reported last night, McDonald's is increasing their sales. Here is a report of some of their numbers. With American families tightening their purse strings, they are eating at McDonald's more and skipping the higher priced family restaurants. Interesting! I, on the other hand, find McDonald's to still be pretty darn expensive for a family of 5 compared to eating at home and, well, not near as healthy.

In fact, I think maybe I should use that $50 bonus I got from Sharebuilder last week to help fund an investment in McDonalds stock. Why not? Maybe it will actually continue to perform well while everything else in my portfolio plummets. :-)

Anyway, on to the true reason for this post.

McDonalds, at least in my area of Ohio, is offering free coffee from their new McCafe menu tomorrow ( Thursday ), Friday and Saturday. Considering a coffee at Starbucks or Caribou Coffee can run near $3 or more...I will be heading to McDonald's for my coffee the next 3 days.

In fact, my father was just telling me last night that they expect this to increase McDonald's profits even more while the typical coffee establishments are suffering in this economy. And, he claims the coffee is just as good, if not better ( from what he has heard, anyway ). Hey, for free, I am willing to give it a go.

I am not positive what size the freebie will be, but I will check it out tomorrow.

So, here is the schedule of what you can get for $0:

  • Thurs - Hot or Iced Coffee
  • Friday - Hot or Cold Vanilla Latte
  • Saturday - Cappuccino or Hot Chocolate

As always, call your local McDonalds before heading out to ensure they are offering this deal, too. In fact, it may be in your state, too, I am not sure. It could be worth a quick phone call to see if you can get 3 days worth of free coffee, too.


QuickMom said...

What area of OH are you in, we're in the Cincinnati area...

Carrie @ said...

Yes, me too.

I am N. Cincy....maybe even S. Dayton depending on who you talk to. :-)

Definitely call your McD's first to verify. I would assume it is not just my town in Ohio...and all of this area.

Evelyn said...

Hey we own McDonald stock- maybe it didn't go down as bad as our other stock. But then, this economy of a downard spiral of the stock market, I imagine it was a loser too. But I can hope it is my bright light since I do not like coffee.

hot joe said...

it turns out the McCafe Mocha isn't as bad as i thought it would be; i guess they use real espresso