Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New eCoupons from Upromise & $3.99 Huggies Diapers

Want a great deal on diapers at Kroger this week? I did! I can never be too stockpiled!

Before you head to the store, you need to first upload your new Upromise eCoupons. The new coupons just came out today, so you can login to your account and load them now!

Not a member of Upromise? Click here and use code 5Tylenol to get $5 free in your account. When you do, make sure to register your shopping cards ( Kroger, CVS, Meijer, etc, etc ) and your credit cards ( you will get money back on Exxon/Mobil gas stations, some restaurants, etc ).

Then, load the eCoupons. Click here to read how this program works. They have 27 new coupons to load today! Get busy!

Right now, they have a $1.50 Huggies Supreme Diapers coupon. So, when you buy a Jumbo pack, you will automatically get $1.50 in your account.

Then, go to Shortcuts here. Load the $1.50 Huggies Supreme coupon to your Kroger card.

Now, pull your manufacturer coupons. I had a $2.00 off Huggies coupon in my coupon filer. If you didn't get that one, this past week had $1.00 off Huggies coupons, which is better than nothing.

So, here is the deal.

Huggies Supreme diapers are on sale for $9.99.

Upromise eCoupons will give you $1.50.

Shortcuts will automatically take $1.50 off your receipt.

Manufacturer Coupon will deduct $2.00.

Then, keep your receipt and send in for your $1.00 rebate on Huggies diapers from .

So, your final price? $3.99

While we are on the subject of Huggies, click here to go to their site and print out free Disney Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween. My daughter picked Princess Aurora ( funny, because this one of the names I wanted to name her..and call her Rory...but my husband wouldn't go for it ).

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