Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's been awhile since I have posted a Grocery Savings post.

But, don't fret...I am still saving 50% almost every week just at Kroger...some weeks a lot more...at the grocery each week. I faithfully use the Grocery Game ( please use referral moneysavingmethods@yahoo.com )each week and the benefit to my family is enormous, as you can see from my numbers under 2008 Savings & Earnings.

I have currently saved over $2,500 so far this year AND am stocked full of groceries at my house. And, that number does not include money I have gotten back from rebates, free or almost free items from Walgreens or CVS ( and Kmart, too ). Although, the grocery game does have lists for Walgreens and CVS ( and I use them ), I still track those earnings under their own categories...just so I can track my savings at each store for myself.

Anyway, while at the store, I do keep my eyes open for other deals. And, this week I did find a few. So, here goes:

  • Betty Crocker Mashed Potates ( bag ) - Reg $1.00 - $.35 Off Manufacturer Coupon from Sunday paper and doubles to $.70 Off - $.35 Off Shortcuts e-Coupon - Final Price is Profit of $.05
  • Idaho Mashed Pototoes ( bag ) - Reg $1.29 - Sale $1.15 - $1.00 Off 1 Idaho Mashed Potato ( catalina from past Kroger trip...check your coupons ) - Final Price $.15
  • Motts Scooby Doo Applesauce, 6 packs - Reg over $2.00 - Discontinued Price $1.37 - $.55/2 Manufacturer Coupon from Sunday papers past or pulled from the coupon hanger in the past - Final Price $.87
  • Progresso Light Low Sodium Soup, buy 2 - Reg $2.18 - Sale $1.66 - Coupons.com Printable Q $.55/2 Off doubles to $1.00 - $.50 Off Shortcuts e-Coupon - Final Price $.91
  • Trix - Sale $1.99 - $.55 Off 1 Coupons.com printable Q doubles to $1.00 ( print 2 ) - $.55 off Shortcuts e-Coupon - Final Price $.44

    For the Coupons.com printables, feel free to click them thru my site, OR if you want an invite to My Points, email me. They will issue you 10 points for every coupon your print and use, which can then be accumulated and turned in for free products/gift cards.

Don't forget to check your grocery game list for the free Brut products, free Revlon products and all the great Campbell's soup deals. I stocked up on all my Cream of Mushroom soup for my Green Bean Casserole for Thanksgiving!

And, make sure to click here to register with the Campbell's e-Labels for Education program with Kroger. As soon as you buy any Campbell's product, they will automatically donate your points to your school.

Then, you can also cut them out and turn into your local school and they will get double the points!

Finally, as always, make sure to take those plastic bags with you back to the store to get 3 cents back per bag ( yes, they lowered it from 5 cents to 3 cents ). No need to buy reusable bags, just reuse your plastic bags week after week. Today, I had a ton of Target bags so I used them. And, they are great...larger than Kroger bags and sturdier, too!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie,
This is completely off topic but I had to tell you anyway. After reading your post on the Chase Freedom card I called Chase because I already have a Chase card. Unfortunatly it was not a Freedom card! Good news though! If you already have a Chase card you can switch to a Freedom card! You keep the same interest rate, the same history, no annual fee, same credit limits etc. I won't get the $50 sign up bonus but she said with my interest rate it would not be worth the $50 to open up a new account with a higher rate. Of course I am kicking myself now for not having one of these sooner. I don't usually use my CC for groceries or gas but man have a charged alot in vet bills and car repairs over the years! Thanks so much for the tip!