Wednesday, October 15, 2008

$14.99 High Speed Internet

AT&T High Speed Cash Back

I was driving along the other day and heard the commercial for this GREAT deal!

So, I was on a mission to find this deal on the web for you, and of course, there it was!

$14.99 a MONTH for High Speed Internet from AT&T.

Why am I excited? Because, if you use the Magic Jack like my family, this means you get get High Speed Internet, Home Phone, Unlimited Long Distance, Caller ID, etc for this price.

Take a look at your phone bill today? Compare. What are you paying? I bet more than $14.99.

Here are some details, if you haven't heard about this AT&T program before.

  • This is their standard speed...up to 768 Kbps
  • 2 year price guarantee
  • Free Wi-Fi

If this isn't fast enough for you....then you can also get great rates on the higher speeds.

  • $25 for 1.5 Mbps
  • $30 for 3 Mbps
  • $35 for 6 Mbps

So, even if you want one of the faster are probably STILL paying less than what you pay for phone and internet today. Click here to sign up for this service.


NOW...a little about Magic Jack again.

First, click here to read my original post and review of this product. And, please read the comments. Some like...some haven't. You DO get 30 days free to try it, and I highly advise trying it to see what experience you have with it.

Click here for your trial.

If you do end up liking it, it could save you substantial amounts of money. It costs $40 the first year and then $20 a year afterward for your phone. $20/year...WOW!

But, if you get it and don't like $20/year worth it? That is only for you to decide. If not, send it back within the 30 days ( you know how I love free trials ).

Right now, I LOVE it. To save all that money month after month is very exciting to my family.

And, my mother and father actually got one also. In fact, while they were on vacation over the last two weeks, my dad took his laptop with him. While in their condo, they plugged their Magic Jack in and connected the phone at the condo into it and called me from it for free. My mom and I got to talk as long as we wanted without wasting cell phone minutes or paying long distance charges and the reception and clarity was just like a home phone the whole time.

You can take it just at home.

Now, don't get me wrong, as I have said before, every once in awhile, it does have a call that doesn't go thru...and I have to hang up and call again. But, to me, to hang up the phone and redial to save ALL that money is worth it. And, it doesn't happen to me very often at all. About once a week.

Of course, this could be different based on your High Speed connection, since the phone is going thru the computer, so this could differ for each customer, I suppose. Don't quote me on this, though, because I am not a computer guru.

Again, why the free trial is worth it.

FINALLY..I know this is a long post. I just had a reader ask how I keep all the phone solicitors from calling me when I do Online Offers. I use the Magic Jack.

Here is my scenario:

  • High Speed Internet plus Home Phone w/ Incoming Calls only...can call 911, though - $25 a month ( it would have cost me $30 a month if I didn't add keep my home phone number for incoming calls only...go figure ). This number is hooked up to 3 phones.
  • My family, friends, Doctors, Schools, etc all still have my original home phone number and call me there.
  • My Magic Jack is used for my outgoing calls ( it is hooked up to 3 cordless phones )
  • For Online Offers, I give a number that links to my Magic Jack phones. Since no one else calls that phone #, I can keep the ringers off and never even hear those phone solicitors calling. :-)

AND..if none of this interests you, please read my original post here about lowering your phone bill. Even if you don't want to switch service, you should be able to get your bill lowered by making a simple phone call.


Yi Hui said...

Hi Carie,

The prices from AT&T are for Internet fees only, right? How much does it cost to add a basic phone service? And do you know how much are the surcharges and taxes? These fees could be quite high.

EndureMyWorld said...

Not to be a party pooper, but I am pretty sure ATT requires you to have a landline to get that deal.

From ATT's Terms and Conditions page:
AT&T High Speed Internet Basic $14.99 Offer: Basic DSL available for $14.99 per month to new customers with subscription to local voice service. Residential customers only. Offer ends 12/15/08. O

Carrie @ said...

Yi Hui,

When I checked for my parents ( AT&T doesn't service my area ), the cheapest phone service was $6.70. So, that brings your total for phone and internet to $20.70.

Taxes are obviously based on your that would need to be figured on your end.

Fees...usually there are Unviersal Charges, Federal Access Charge, etc. On my previous bill with my phone provider, it came to about $5 a month. Not sure if is that for everyone.

If you want to get exact prices for your area, if you click on the link, it will prompt you to enter your address and give you your exact prices. Or, there is a chat person to talk to online ( that is who I worked with ) so I could ask about the different phone packages, etc.

Carrie @ said...

Endure My Deal,

You do have to have phone service for that, which the cheapest line is $6.70 a month. Bringing it to $20.70. At least for my parents area, which is who I worked the price out for. You would need to enter your own address to make sure those prices apply in your area.

Or, if you just want the internet, the price is $19.99 ( so only $4 more a month ). Still a great deal for high speed, especially if you link the Magic Jack and get your phone for $20 a year thru it.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Did you do a post at some point about saving money on your Comcast Cable bill? A blog I read had a post about that and now that I need it I can't find it anywhere! Kim

Carrie @ said...

Hi Kim,

I actually wrote a pretty detailed post on how I saved money on my cable/satelite bill. But, it wasn't specific to Comcast.

Not sure if it is the same one you were thinking of, though.

If you go to the upper right hand side of my blog, you will see my 2008 Savings/Earnings drop down window.

Click on that and go to the Cable/Satelite choice. It will then take you to the post I did.

Hopefully that helps.