Friday, October 10, 2008

$3 for a $25 Gift Certificate -

UPDATE: Thanks to Emelyn for leaving a comment below that has this coupon code listed on their site ( I usually don't recommend Ebates if there is a coupon code...because they won't honor them ), but since they have it listed are good to go!

What this means to you?

You get another 15% back on top of the 70% off. This means, a $25 gift certificate is now $2.55!!

PLUS, if you are new to Ebates, you will get a $10 Bonus in your account, too, if you click here to sign up! So, it becomes a money maker! Woo, hoo!

Remember...they only pay you once every 3 months, AND your balance has to be over $5 ( from purchases...the $10 bonus doesn't count ) for them to cut you your check. Otherwise, it rolls over until the next pay period. So, if you are shopping online, use Ebates and get a percentage of your purchase back.

If you aren't interested in a gift certificate, but want to take advantage of the free $10 thru Ebates, go here to read my post on how to get a $10 Gift Card thru them for Free.

I will try and post next week on other deals you can buy with your free $10, since this special with Ebates is running thru October 31st.

Original Post:

I have yet to talk about, even though I have used the service in the past and liked certain aspects of it.

First, let me start by saying, you ARE able to buy a $25 ( and sometimes other denominations ) for less money. What a deal!

But, you need to read the terms/conditions for each restaurant before buying your gift certificate. Why?

Here is an example:

$25 Gift Card, on sale for $10. Great deal!

But, you can only use the gift certificate if your total order is over $35, for example.

SOOO, it is a great deal, you are getting a $35 deal for $20.

Now, each restaurant will be different, so check out your establishment before purchasing.

My husband and I found these to be great deals. When we threw my son's baptism celebration at a "fancy" restaurant and were treating 20 people, we bought these and saved ourselves quite a bit of money!

So, why am I posting about it today?

Because, they are running a sale for the next 3 days at 70% off!

$3 for a $25 Gift Card!!

Use code: SAVE

My understanding is this code takes 70% off, so it works on any gift card amount you buy or if you buy the Dinner a Month package, too.

Click here to access and order your own.

Now, that is an even better deal! You would be spending $13 for a $35 meal out with my example above. Love it!


emelyn said...

HI Carrie!! Just wanted to let you know I am an avid reader of your blog...THANK YOU so much for all the advice.

I also wanted to let you know you can access via Ebates and get 15% rebate on your order!! I'll definitely be checking this out...THANKS!!

Carrie @ said...

Oh my are so right.

I usually don't recommend Ebates if there is a coupon code, because they won't credit with a code...BUT....they have this code on their site right now.

So, you will get 70% off, plus the 15% back.

Thanks Emelyn