Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are you prepared for the new month?

OK..I haven't been very good about reminding all my readers what to do at the start of each month, but I suppose it is nice to have a reminder!

Seriously, part of the process of earning and saving money from home is staying organized, right?

So, what am I doing today, and what do I recommend you do?

  • Pull all your expired coupons. Do this for both grocery coupons, but also your store/restaurant coupons. Remember, I always keep a large filing carry all full of store/restaurant coupons. I keep this is my car at all times.
  • Donate those expired coupons to Military Families overseas ( they can still use them ). Click here to read my original article on this subject.
  • Pull your receipt envelope/baggie out of your purse and put a new one in for all October receipts. Meanwhile, move your Sept receipt envelope into your glove box with 3 months worth of them ( so July, Aug, Sept ) Remember, you want these handy if you need to return and rebuy any items you find while shopping that have gone on sale since you originally purchased them. If you don't have your receipt, you can't get a refund of the difference. Click here to read my post on the importance of keeping/organizing your receipts and taking no extra time doing it!
  • Run your numbers. It is always important to see how you are doing compared to your budget, as well as to see what methods are working for you. For example, I do my review quickly each week, so I have a good handle on what is benefiting my family the most. It also allows me to see where we are spending a bit too much ( hhmmm....I REALLY need to cut out the cold coffee a bit...anyone got a recipe on how to make a Frapaccino type coffee at home? )

I am really excited for October and Fall. The weather is gorgeous here right now...crisp and cool! My favorite!

And, I always start a new month out much happier when I know my finances and savings techniques are prepared and organized for another great money making month!

Have any helpful tips on what you do to start out each month? Feel free to share them!

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Andrea said...

Carrie - I need to get on my numbers for the month too!!!

BTW - I am totally there with you on the coffee budget buster! Amy @ MomAdvice posted something a while ago on iced coffees that you may like..

I've also seen a lot of good ideas at Hillbilly Housewife on making stuff from scratch.