Tuesday, October 21, 2008

$20 Free Bonus for Chase Freedom(SM) Credit Card members

Sorry, sorry for not posting much yesterday! I just got the new Nicholas Sparks book, The Lucky One, so I was otherwise occupied yesterday during my "posting" time. :-)

But, I am back. I read the book in one day, so I am free to share more fun money saving/earning methods!

Today, here is a fun deal for all you readers who signed up for the Chase Freedom(SM) Credit Card. And, if you haven't signed up for this credit card yet, you should! It is a great one! I just got a $250 check from them a couple weeks ago.

First, click here to see why I love credit cards AND if they are right for you. The earning potential for credit cards can be substantial. So far this year, I have made almost $800 in FREE money off of my credit cards. By the end of the year, I expect this to be way over $1,000.

Why do I like the Chase Freedom(SM) Credit Card? Here is a recap of an earlier post:

This last card finally makes my credit card portfolio feel well rounded ( or until the next best card comes out ). With my current cards, I get 6% back on Groceries, Gas and Drugstores and 6% back on Home Utilities, Cable, Telephone, etc. ( email me for specifics on these cards )

And, now....

Chase Freedom(SM) Credit Card ( 3% back on your top 3 categories. Mine has been changed to my top 6 categories...hopefully this has changed for everyone )

What does this mean to me?

Well, since I won't be putting groceries, gas, drugstores, utilities, garbage, telephone/cable/internet on this card.....it doesn't leave much.....but it will cover all those other little expenditures that I was only getting 1% back on before. I highlighted in red the categories I will be using this card on.

Here is the full list of what they pay 3% back on.

  • Grocery Stores ( won't need...since I will get 6% on another card)
  • Gas & Convenience Stores ( won't need...since I will get 6% on another card)
  • Department Stores
  • Drugstores ( won't need...since I will get 6% on my other card)
  • Beauty Shops/Salons/Spas
  • Pet Supply Stores/Vets
  • Telecommunications ( won't need...since I will get 6% on my other card)
  • Cable/Satellite, Internet ( won't need...since I will get 6% on my other card)
  • Fast Food and Quick Service Restaurant
  • Local Commuting
  • Gym Memberships
  • Utilities ( won't need...since I will get 6% on my other card)
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Video Rentals
  • Movie Theatres

Although it is 3% on only the top 3 you spend in a month, I wasn't too concerned.

Number 1, I don't own a pet...so that category probably won't come into play. I don't local commute. I don't have a gym membership. And, we rarely use the dry cleaners, rent videos or go to the movie theatres.

So, it is pretty safe to say in MOST months, I will now be getting 3% back on haircuts, shopping at department stores ( does Target count...I will let you know ) and restaurants ( hello to 3% back on my Skyline Chili ).

Why else was I excited about this card? They give a $50 sign on bonus after your first purchase. Woo, hoo to that!

In addition, if you wait until you are at $200 to cash out, they will throw in another $50 ( every time ). That means your return is really 3.75% on each purchase.

The other benefit? They will still give you 1% on all other purchases.

As you can see, it is a great card. If interested, click here to sign up. You will need to scroll thru all the cards listed to find this deal for the Chase Freedom(SM) Credit Card.

SOOOO, why am I posting about this card again?

IF you currently have this card in your wallet, you MAY have the potential to earn an extra $20!

Today, I got a letter from Chase ( it looked like junk mail...so read everything you get each day ). It asked me to sign up for the Chase Payment Protector program.

How will we make money off of this?

First, they give us the $20 off our bill just for "trying" the program and sending the form back. Or, you can call 1-866-386-5301 to sign up. If you haven't gotten the invite yet, feel free to call the number and see if you qualify for the $20 Bonus, too. If not, just wait for your invitation to come in the mail. They always do!

As soon as the credit hits your account, you can cancel if you don't like the service. Click here to learn all about the benefits of signing up. If you do decide to stay a member, then they charge you 89 cents for every $100 you have charged in your statement month.

Remember to mark you calendar to check your account once a week to see when your credit hits. That way, you know when you need to decide whether to stay a member or cancel.

This may just be the easiest $20 ever earned! :-)


Evelyn said...

I got an invite today, but mine was for a $50 gas gift card. I can't believe there are different invite for the same deal.

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


That is even better! I'm jealous! Just kidding..so happy for you.

Sometimes with gift cards, you need to remain a member until they process ( check your terms ) and send a rebate form back in ( again..check your terms ).

If this is the case, USUALLY, it is worthwhile to pay a month or two of the service to get the free $50. The service is only 89 cents for every $100 on your card at the end of a billing cycle....so the monthly fee shouldn't add up to much.

I would highly recommend taking advantage of this offer...just make sure to put it on your calendar to cancel, if you don't want the service.

Anonymous said...

I am learning and learning from reading your site.

I have had OLD credit cards forever. Low limit. High interest. And one with an annual fee.

I cancelled the one with the annual fee, and responded to the preapproved Chase offer I received (geez they mailed one twice a week).

So I responded - and was immediatly approved for a card with zero interest on all purchases until April 2010.

I called today and activated the card and asked if rewards could be added.

He said sure!

He told me to just look at their site - and veiw the rewards cards and see which one I liked the best - and those SAME rewards could be ADDED to my zero interest card - Woo Hoo!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I am SO glad I read your blogs on reading your junk mail (and the fine print). I got a letter from Firestone with a little red card I almost threw away.
It was for $15 off ANY purchase (EVEN sales prices).

So I went online and found a coupon for an oil change and tire rotation for $19.99, made an appointment - and took my coupon and $15 OFF card.

At first the guy said I couldn't use the $15 off card, because the fine print said the $15 was off a $30 purchase.

But I pointed out to him the fine print ACTUALLY said that a 6% service charge would be added to all invoices OVER $30 - (which did NOT apply to me - since my service was $19.99)

So I got my oil change AND tire rotation for $19.99 MINUS $15 -- and did NOT have the 6% service charge!!!

Rah Rah for reading junk mail and fine print!

Nowdays getting an oil change OR a tire rotation for $19.99 is considered a good deal - and I got them BOTH for $4.99!!