Thursday, September 11, 2008

Walgreens $10 off $40 Coupon

Walgreens has another one of their great coupons out.

$10 off $40 for 9/12 and 9/13. Click here.

I can't wait...I have a list of great deals from Walgreens and the Grocery Game this week, and I plan to stock up on my Free (plus 10% earnings) after Rebate items while I have this coupon.

If you don't shop Walgreens MUST! I get so many items free there each month, it is crazy! Click here to read my original post on how it all works.

But, ever since Walgreens has been coming out with these coupons regularly, I don't.

Even if I know it is a good shopping week, I hold off until the end of the week, just in case they publish one of their coupons. And, it always seems the coupons are for a week it works out.

If they don't come out with a coupon by Friday, then I will hit the store that day....right before the weekend.

If you really want to maximize your Walgreens savings, I would advise altering your schedule, if possible, to hold off shopping to the end of the week......why not get extra savings and products, right?!

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