Monday, August 4, 2008

I have been tagged...I have been nominated!

Last week was a fun week for me. I had 3 different blogs nominate me or tag me in the blogging community. And, I always love these things!

Why? It makes us all feel good when someone thinks enough of our blog to mention us to their readers! So, thanks! It made my week...

And, it also allows bloggers to tell, otherwise untold, quirky and funny things about ourselves. Hmmm..maybe that is a bad thing.

So, first...thanks to Trish at Saving Money Ideas. She is a blogger of my own heart! Not only is she up on all the deals..she often posts online coupon codes for shopping online, etc. It is a well rounded site. AND...what is not to love! She likes to read, like me. So, Trish...if you get a change..shoot me an email with some good book recommendations. I need to start something new soon!

And, thanks to Lorelei at Hooray for Freebates! I think we all know what I think of her site. I LOVE it! It is my one stop, quick shop for finding all the current rebates!

Finally, big thanks to Justine at Just Grocery Brags for nominating me for a different type of award. Notice the picture at the comes with that pretty pic to place in this post and the chance to nominate 5 others ( I will nominate 6 and double it up with the other tag ). If you have coupons you aren't using...her site is GREAT, because she trades coupons. It is free, easy and very beneficial. She has her wish some of them...check out what she might have you need!

Here are the rules:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

So, here are my six quirks:

1. I struggle to eat breakfast.
It is honestly, almost hard for me to swallow...I just have so much I want to do in the morning. This morning, I made a meal shake, and only got half way thru the glass.

Meanwhile, my husband and 3 kids are ALL breakfast fans. My husband makes a big event of it....eggs, sausage, etc breakfast on the weekends, and if we go out to eat for dinner, and a restaurant serves breakfast...guess what the rest of my family orders?

I do like breakfast food, though..I can't lie. Just not at breakfast time!

2. My husband and I are currently sleeping with a row of pillows between us at night.
Why? Our mattress has a huge hole/dip in it, and we roll into each other if those pillows aren't there. The pillows almost make the bed flat. isn't quite that large of a hole. But, almost!

3. I am frazzled with 3 kids.
I handled 2 kids wonderfully. But, my nerves and ( I think ) my blood pressure have really taken a beating with 3. I, literally, sat on the couch a few weeks ago staring at the wall...just to pretend I had some alone time...zoning them out. didn't last long...and one of them needed something urgent ( more milk with the potty, Mommy) and I was up and about again. But..those few moments staring at the wall were wonderful....I think I was imagining a tropic island somewhere...but I can't quite remember...

But, with that said...I wouldn't trade it for the world! :-) And, if God ever blessed us with more, we would adore and love them, too.

4. I need motivation to work out...and nothing seems to be working.
Maybe if I stopped blogging when the kids were asleep at night and exercised instead...oh, but to choose..blogging or exercise? Hmmm...I guess if I ever stop posting, you can assume I am a muscular, in shape fitness guru. Yeah, right!

But, in fact, I do try to do something a few days a week. It is just truly a struggle for me, and as we all know... a couple days a week just doesn't do much!

5. I am not necessarily a terrible driver. I am terrible backer upper.

In high school, I backed a friends car up into my Uncle's truck. In college, I backed into a mailbox ( actually, that one I might have just run into...I need to check with is all fuzzy now ). A few years ago, I backed our van into our car. And, just last month, I backed the van into the garage door ( don't ask ). Yet, knock on wood, I have never had an accident.

Let's just husband is not very fond of this skill I have.

6. I don't deal well with change....right when it is happening. But, I recover quickly.

I was a mess when I started college and almost came home with my parents. In fact, the school actually had me sit down with a counselor while there to make sure dropping out the first day was the right thing to do. Obviously, I stayed..and loved it by the next day! And, made life long friends.

Got my first car..instead of being happy..I cried. I felt like I had moved on to the next plateau in my life.

Moving? Work? Baby? Yep...a mess. Sobbing crying.

But, the worst? My husband proposes..and instead of crying happy tears of joy, I freak the poor guy out by sobbing and becoming very emotional about this change in my life. I can honestly say, he was shocked. But, he has come around, and while I was sobbing I was explaining to him that it wasn't was me. ( how funny is that ) and that I sob and get upset at any major change in my life and I would be OK by the next day. And, I was! And, now, he just laughs or rolls his eyes when I go into one of my sobbing fits ( like right before each of my kids were born).

So, who am I tagging?

1. Split Decisionz ( if it wasn't for her, my new blog design would not exist )
2. Motherhood Moment
3. Only on Sale
4. Homemaker Barbi
5. Compare Rewards
6. Economic Endeavors

Can't read to your fun quirks, too!


Justine said...

You are very welcome! Great Blog!

Homemaker Barbi said...

Thanks for the nomination! 6 quirks are hard to think of all at once; they're usually more apparent to me when I notice myself doing an odd thing! Here is my best attempt though:

1. I drink coffee throughout the day, even before bed.

2. I'll really miss my stroller when my kids have outgrown it.

3. I smile while I'm grocery shopping.

4. I'm a chapstick addict, and have been my whole life. I even sleep with it under my pillow!

5. I cook with multiple crockpots at the same time.

6. I'm a breeder - 6 more kids would be just fine with me!

Thanks for the tag, Carrie!

Homemaker Barbi

Trish said...

You are welcome! I enjoy reading your blog. And I'll start working on a list of book recommendations to email you. :)