Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Free iPod Touch or Nano from Key Bank

Another great bank offer from Key Bank! Now, through August 15th, Key Bank will give a iPod nano when you open one of their free checking accounts.

Want a iPod touch, instead? Open one of their Key Priviledge or Key Priviledge Select Checking Account.

You can click here to read all the terms and conditions on each of these deals from Key.

What are some of the highlights?
You must make one debit card transaction AND at least 2 direct deposit transactions or automated payments of $100 or more by October 31st. Your iPod will arrive within 90 days. Please make sure to read all terms and conditions, though. And, don't forget to ask if they do a hard or soft inquiry, if you worry about your credit score. Most do soft, and that won't impact you.

Did you miss out on the previous Key Bank promotion, but you can't use the iPods? Don't forget, you can always sell them on eBay or Craigslist.

Just don't put them in your garage sale, they will get swiped. Can you tell I'm still bitter? :-)
Click here to read my original post on how I make money with Bank Offers. I am up to $500 so far this year ( although, all of it hasn't arrived yet ).

Photo courtesy of: Guillermo Esteves


Angela in Ohio said...

It honks me off beyond belief that they are issuing 1099s for these. You're the accountant so you would know better, but I'm thinking they only are required to issue a 1099 for anything over $600, but they are chosing to on these so they can write off these "gifts". Dang! Did they used to issue 1099s when the gave away toasters?

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

Funny, huh!

But, it actually doesn't surprise me.

Before I opened a high interest checking account, my Fifth Third used to pay me about $13 a year ( and I am not kidding..why bother ), and they would issue one for that. I would have to report that on my taxes.

I think banks, especially, issue them for everything.

With the online offers I do, too, if the gift is $500 ( and you are right..it is for over $600 ), they make me fill out a w-9.

I am not sure what the reason is for filing it for every little thing...but banks seem to be notorious for this. :-)