Friday, August 8, 2008

Difficulties with Blogger

Some of you might be able to access my blog right now, but it might have been up and down today.

But, hopefully, all the feeds are coming thru daily, regardless if the site is up!

If it goes down again, follow these rules to access my blog.

Access from the feed or email, and click on an actual post title...not the blog title...and it will take you to the blog. Then, you can click all the tabs across the top ( except Home ) to see if I posted any updates for the day in any of the categories.

Currently, you can use Home, but if the page goes down again, Home does not work.

Blogger is aware of this issue, as well as issues many bloggers are having on our back end Edit pages. Hopefully, it will be fixed over the weekend or early next week.

If you are not a subscriber but still want to access my blog if it goes down, do a Search on Moneysavingmethods and it should pull up some posts. Click on any of the links to a post. Then, follow the same advice as above.

I apologize for the issues. This is 2 weekends in a row now!

First time was my fault..due to updating my new format.

This time it is a blogger issue.

Next week, hopefully no issues!

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