Friday, August 8, 2008

$10 Off $10 at

Well, this is another sweet deal...similar to the from last week!

Blockbuster has a coupon code out that is for $10 Off a $10 or more purchase. Love this!

If you read my post on Borders, then you know I use these types of coupons to stock up on Christmas, Birthday, School Teacher, and other gifts for free or next to nothing! There are always items on sale at stores, and if you find something close to $10, you can get it for almost nothing!

So, here is the deal with Blockbuster.

First, you do NOT need to be a member of to apply. But, if you took advantage of the free membership opportunity ( after you get a $25 gift card ) I posted on a while here to will get an even better deal then a non member.

Members get 5% off on New DVDs and 10% off on Previously Viewed DVDs. Woo, hoo!

Also, if you buy a previously viewed DVD, shipping is free! So, I stuck with these. But, since they are used, I am going to keep them as stocking stuffers for my kids instead of giving them as gifts to others. So, I was on a mission to find 3 DVDs to combine with all my free books for those glorious socks hanging from the mantle in December.

First, I found Ice Age, which they do not have yet. It was $11.99, but after my 10% discount and tax was added on...the total came to $10.84. I typed in the Coupon Code ( click here to access the coupon code from Economic Endeavors...thanks Lavonne ), and wah, lah....I got a DVD for 84 cents!

Since it is only one per account, I then had to pay full price for the other 2 before the coupon code. I simply used a separate email address each time I checked out. But, those totals came to just over $1 a piece. So, still a good deal...

Another suggestion?

Click here to go to Big Crumbs before you purchase. Although their site supposedly only pays if you sign up for the monthly service, you can still access the DVDs to buy thru the site. Once there, click on the Gift Cards tab across the bottom. Do NOT enter your information on that page.

Once you click on Gift Cards, it will take you to a new screen and you will see a tab across the top that says Buy. Click on that and begin searching for the DVDs you are interested in.

And, you never know....Big Crumbs may give you a credit for shopping thru their site. They did with, even though you were supposed to buy a gift card. So, you just don't know. I figure, it is better to be safe than sorry...and not lose out on any money!
Finally, one word of advice. This is like the Borders deal. Your order will not process the first time through. If it does, you are lucky. It took me 11 clicks to finally get it to process ( about 4 minutes ). But, still well worth my time.

I usually just leave the page up and every time I walk by the room with my computer in it, I hit the submit button. This time, I was working on other things online, so I would just occasionally go back to my Blockbuster tab and submit again.

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