Friday, August 22, 2008

$75 Free from PNC Bank

Well, it seems as soon as one PNC Bank offer expires, they come out with another great deal!

Now thru August 31st, open a new PNC Bank account and get $75 Free!

New to making money off of Bank Offers, click here to read my original post. So far this year, I have made of $400 and I have another $150 expected to hit this week or next AND I am getting ready to start a new one soon for $100 and I just did a $25! Don't worry, I will be posting about them all over the next week or so....

So, what are the terms for this offer?

  • Click here to open a New Customer PNC Free Checking Account with at least $25
  • Set up a Direct Deposit by October 31st of at least $500
  • Your account will be credited 7 days after your first Direct Deposit
  • As always, please make sure to read the terms and conditions on your own.

Don't forget, when you set up direct deposit, if your company allows your paycheck to go to more than one bank, just send the $500 to PNC for now. If you need that money in your other checking, you can do an online transfer to your original bank ( please note: this seems to take about 7 days, on average, to transfer bank to bank ). For a few clicks to transfer money, you have made an easy $75.

As always, if you like a bank when trying them in this way, be sure to remain a customer. And, although I didn't see the terms of how long you need to remain a customer before they can't take your $75 away, you may ask them before you close the account. It usually seems to be about 6 months on average. So, keeping $25 in this account for months, is well worth the $75 free money.

I actually like PNC Bank of all the offers I have done. I always like to have one local bank, although I use a high interest checking for the bulk of my transactions.

I deposit my checks at my local Brick and Mortar bank, then go online and transfer it to my High Interest account. Why? I am still not comfortable sending my deposits thru the mail, so I would rather deposit them here...get a receipt...then transfer then online with a tracking number.

Anyway, make sure to take advantage of this free money soon. You only have about a week left! And, check my right side bar for all the current Bank Offers I have posted about recently.

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