Monday, August 18, 2008

$4 Free Back at Caribou Coffee

Ooohhhh...I was excited when I went and got my coffee at Caribou Coffee today. Guess what is back?

Yep, you guessed it. It is there $4 free when you register a Caribou Coffee gift card online.

If you have a gift card sitting around, register it now to get your free money.

If you don't have a card and you shop Caribou Coffee regularly like me, buy a gift card and load the lowest dollar amount of $5, and then register it to get your free $4.

Don't usually shop Caribou Coffee? This is a great teacher gift/Sunday school teacher, etc gift. For, $5 you get a $9 gift card (maybe they will let you get a $6 gift card to make it an even $10 gift card...check it out )!

Since it is only one $4 per registrant, if you have a spouse or significant other, now you have 2 gift cards. Now, you have an $18 gift for $10. Another great deal!

Want all the details? Click here to go to Caribou Coffee and read the ins and outs of this wonderful promotion.

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