Thursday, July 31, 2008

Walgreens $5 Off $20 Coupon

Thanks to Annabelle from Handmade Rag Baskets for posting and letting us know the $5 Off $20 Coupon at Walgreens is out there and valid TODAY ONLY! Click here to access.

Don't forget, the new stipulations on the coupon state your total must be over $20 AFTER coupons/discounts are taken off. So, why is this coupon still great?

If you are going to spend $20 or more anyway, after coupons/ get $5 free. is a great time to stock up on all your Free after Rebate items or make $ after Rebate items.

For example, the Pert Plus Shampoo/Conditioner is Free after Rebate this month priced at $4.29. You will get $4.29 plus 10% back ( if you choose your $ on a gift card ) PLUS, use the $2.00 off coupon from a past Sunday paper, and you have now made $2.42 and got Shampoo. And, it counts towards your $20 purchase for the free $5!

Hey, and if you are an Entertainment Book owner, don't forget to pull your coupons from inside. There is a coupon for a free bottle of water! Why not?

I plan to go this afternoon, so if I find anything worthwhile, I will let you all know!


Justine said...

I had a pretty good trip today :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for the coupon link! I was going to be buying the Alavert this month anyway ($26.99) for the $10 rebate so today was the day! Plus I had the $4 mfr coupon. And I can get reimbursed from my Flexible Spending account for the full $26.99. yay!