Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Day to enter July $100 Raffle and...coming in August......

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, BUT...I had a good reason.

I had a date in my mind..August 1st, to unveil my new website design I have been working slowly on the last few months.

And, as that date approaches, I realized I wasn't anywhere near completed. So, instead of posting here, I have been diligently working on my site so it will be ready to show you all on Friday ( I hope ).

But don't fret..I will be back to posting all my good deals next week....and I have a pile of things sitting on my desk to share with all of you!

What will the change entail?

Well, the color scheme and overall look will be similar. I didn't want to shock the system by changing it up too much.

But, there will be a new topic bar across the top with a few new buttons..Contact Me and About Me buttons. This should make it easier to find my phone number or email address. And, for new readers...they can click and find out a little bit about my background.

I have added a Step by Step Guide for old and new readers alike. It quickly gives them a run down of my site AND how I manage my life in regards to saving and making money. This should make it easier for newbies to come up to speed on all my techniques.

There will now be a search box...YEAH!! So, you can search old topics and hopefully find old posts quickly.

At the bottom, there is a new button that links to my I don't have that large paragraph at the bottom of my blog. That will be nice.

In addition, I will be continuing to add drop down boxes to the side bar on many different topics of readers can easily access information.

AND...hopefully up by Friday..if not the following week...I will be opening up a forum. I am primarily doing this for topics that arise, like the Borders deal and for all the online offers I recommend. I get so many emails daily, especially on the online offers, that alot of the information would be more useful if all my readers could see your questions. It might take awhile for this to get off the ground, but I do want to have it available for my readers.

And, slowly...oh so slowly...I will be linking all old when you click on a topic under the 2008 Savings & Earnings, instead of only going to the original article I wrote on the subject, it will have a list of ALL posts on the topic. This part will not be done by Friday...but stay tuned...I will be updating that a bit each week.

Besides that, all should be back to normal by the end of this week..early next week.

AND...don't is the LAST day to enter the $100 raffle. Good luck to all of you who have entered! Click here for details if you still want to take part!

And, if you did enter, and did NOT get an email back from me again. I always make sure to reply back to all entries I receive, so that the person is notified that their name is indeed in the drawing. I don't want you to miss out!

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gk said...

Hi Carrie

I think adding a Forum will be great idea. That way, we readers can post and share new questions in one place instead of spamming your Inbox :)

Thanks for all the hard work.

Looking forward to the new features.