Monday, June 23, 2008

Rather Be Shopping Guest Post - 5 Easy Ways To Get Better Gas Mileage

Thanks to Kyle for another great Guest Post! I think this is surely a topic near and dear to all of our hearts right now!! Read below.

With the price of gas seemingly rising with no end in sight, I wanted to pass along some frugal ways you can get the most bang for your buck in terms of better gas mileage.

~ Properly Inflate Your Tires. Under or over inflated tires will hurt your gas mileage. Plus, you are more likely to have a blowout if your tire is not inflated properly.

~ Don't Be Frugal w/ Car Maintenance - Use quality motor oil, change oil filter regularly, keep air filters clean. Follow your car's recommended maintenance schedule. Not only will these tips keep your car efficient but it will add to your engine's life.

~ Drive More Efficiently - Avoid fast accelerations and quick stops when possible, and of course drive the speed limit. Doing these things will definitely help increase your miles per gallon.

~ Buy A More Efficient Vehicle - Let somebody else fill up your gas tank! Get rid of it and buy a more fuel efficient vehicle. Seems obvious, but I know plenty of people who just keep driving their big SUV and keep complaining about the high price of gas. I think part of the problem is the demand for trucks and large SUVs has gone down to the point where they are tough to sell. This is definitely part of the reason I still own a truck. I am hoping that gas prices will come down, then I can sell my truck and get a reasonable price for it. Not sure when, or if, it will happen though.

~ Alternative Transportation - Start carpooling, start walking more, start riding your bike to work or the grocery store. Also, start utilizing your local bus service a couple days a week. This is not an option for everybody, but if you have local bus service, use it.

Please feel free to add your tip or comments! Looking forward to more ideas on how to get better gas mileage. Here are some good online coupons for car stuff as well as some of the more popular coupons on my site right now. See ya next week!

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