Monday, June 30, 2008

$20 for P&G Survey

Unfortunately, I didn't qualify for this survey ( once again...thanks to the company my hubby works for ), but this is a very good opportunity to earn an extra $20 for a survey.

Click here to enter Proctor & Gamble's survey screener. If you qualify, in about 3 months they will send you a 2nd survey and will pay you $20 once you complete it ( I believe in Gift Certificates, but I am not positive ).
I hope you have better luck qualifying.


Andrea said...

Thanks Carrie! I completed it and it said I should get the survey so yeah!!! I'll keep doing all of these for ya since you're knocked out :-)

Carrie @ said...

Yeah...I am glad someone gets the benefit!

Jessica said...

How exciting... I just found your site AND I qualified for the follow up survey. Thanks for the info!

Carrie @ said...

Welcome, welcome Jessica. I am so glad you stumbled upon my site and hope you come back often.