Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last Day for $25 FREE & to enter my $25 Gift Card Drawing

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
Don't forget, today is your LAST day ( unless they extend the promotion ) to get your $25 FREE from Revolution Money Exchange! In addition, you get $10 for each person you refer. So, if you have a spouse/significant other, refer them ( get $10 ) and they will also get $25. Your total family freebie is $60!!

You are leery of the company? Don't be. Click here to read an article on the company from USA Today. As of this moment, my money has already been deposited into my bank account and is safely earning interest!

Concerned about givng your Social Security #? This is standard practice when applying for any program thru a bank. Revolution Money Exchange is associated with First Bank & Trust.

And, my view ( since I am asked all the time ) about giving out my SS#? You need to practice reasonable precaution. Do your homework! If it is a reputable company, you are on a safe connection with your PC, you should be fine. Although someone could steal your # at anytime, you have as much of a chance of a dishonest employee working in your payroll department at your place of employment, as you do of having a dishonest employee working at a bank. Hence, run those credit reports a couple times a year to do a check up on your credit score!

FINALLY, don't forget to enter my $25 Gift Card Raffle for signing up for Revolution Money Exchange. Once you have signed up for RME, email me asking to be entered. I will pull a name tomorrow. So, email me by midnight Eastern time tonight!

Enjoy all that free money!!

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