Monday, April 14, 2008

Picaboo! I see you!

If you read my original post on digital scrapbooking, you know I just love it! And, one of my friends, Jenn, had recently told me about a company called Picaboo, where the pages are pre-done for you and you can drag your pictures in. And, what she really liked, is that there were ALOT of different themes, pages, etc to pick from, unlike some companies.

Anyway, I had yet to try Picaboo out, until now! I am going to be working on my book this week, hopefully. Why? Because they are giving a free book away to new users.

The book is a 20 page photo book worth $9.99. And, I figured this is a great way for me to see if I will like their product before I spend money on a large is FREE! And, a GREAT idea for Mother's Day for one of the Grandma's or for Ryan for Father's Day.


So, if you are interested, too, click here to go to Picaboo and register. Here are the details from their website, so you will know exactly which book you need to order.

Get a free 20-page Medium book

  • The price of a 20-page Medium Softcover Classic Die Cut photo book will be deducted from your order total ($9.99 value)
  • If your book contains more than 20 pages, you will be charged for the extra pages
  • This coupon excludes taxes and shipping fees
  • Only Medium Softcover and Medium Hardcover Classic Die Cut photo books are eligible for this offer
  • Coupon expires on December 31, 2008
  • Applies to US and Canadian residents only
  • Cannot be used with any other coupon
  • This coupon can be used by first-time customers only
  • We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer without notice

Just so you know, my shipping came to $7.99 ( still a good deal, since most photo albums cost that alone or more ).

Finally, the coupon code is 1PFMDB-WE.

You will need to enter that at checkout. Since I haven't completed my book and gone thru the whole process yet, just make sure you see the $9.99 come off before you do your final order process and have it charge you. If not, call Picaboo!


Photo Albums said...

Hi there. The site, Picaboo is very nice. I don't find time to organize albums, so this is great news that the site offers pre-done pages. Thanks for the details about the free photo book.

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to try digital scrapbooking, and this sounds like a great way. Just to be clear: is this offer only good this week -- or are you just working on your book this week, and it's good until the "coupon" expires on Dec. 31? Thanks!

Carrie @ said...

The coupon says it is good until Dec 31st. Why am I doing it this week?
Whenever I see a comment like " we reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time " I know they may discontinue this coupon.
So, I would rather get my book now, while I know it is still available.