Sunday, April 27, 2008

Guest Post - Kyle at Rather Be Shopping

First of all, I want to thank Carrie for giving me the opportunity to do an 'online coupons' feature on her blog. Very exciting! A little about me, my name is Kyle James, I live in northern California with my wife and 3 young children. I own and operate a website called which specializes in online coupons for over 500 stores, organized in 23 shopping categories. I also have a blog where I write about frugal living, tips on saving money, and other musings about family and life in general.

One of my mantras is "Money saved can buy happiness". Whether it be from coupons, rebates, or stashing away money for your emergency fund, money saved not only gives you piece of mind but also allows you to improve your life. A good example of this was when I went back to school to complete my MBA degree without having to go into debt because I prepared and saved up. I am proof that it can be done. Also, by having a savings goal, it keeps you accountable and makes it much easier to stay motivated to reach that goal.

I really like how Carrie tracks her savings so she can see what works and what doesn't. I strongly recommend doing this and a cool thing will happen along the way, it will become a game. This happened to me, and now whenever I buy something online I am not satisfied until I have looked under every "cyber rock" for the best deal. An example from the other day was when my wife told me that we were almost out of diapers so I went online and used, who are very reasonable to begin with, but then I found a coupon code and qualified for free shipping since I was buying 2 boxes. I did the math and the diapers came out to be 4 cents cheaper per diaper than our local Wal-Mart and Costco. Saved 16 dollars just like that. Plus, the diapers show up the next day from UPS. No driving, no parking, no lines!

Since this is my first coupon feature, I wanted to give you a broad selection of online coupons so you have an idea of the types of stores I feature. Next week I will focus on a particular category like toys, clothes or household items. Until then, happy saving!
Save 15% off your Online Order + Free Shipping and No Sales Tax
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Save 40% Off your Online Order at Lane
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Expiration: 4/27/08
See Additional: Lane Bryant Online Coupons
Save 7% Off your Entire order + Pay Only $1 for Shipping thru this Link
Coupon Code: None Needed
Expiration: 4/28/08
See Additional: Overstock Online Coupons

New Customers, Save 12% Off your Entire order thru this Link
Coupon Code: None Needed
Expiration: 4/30/08
See Additional: Smart Bargains Online Coupons

One Step
Save 15% Off your Entire Online Order
Coupon Code: BDAYAPRL
Expiration: 4/30/08
See Additional: One Step Ahead Online Coupons

Save 15% Off your Entire Online Order
Coupon Code: S1A48
Expiration: 5/04/08
See Additional: Childrens Place Online Coupons
Save 15% Off your $75+ Online Order
Coupon Code: MGP79
Expiration: 4/30/08
See Additional: JCPenney Online Coupons
Save 15% Off your Online Order at
Coupon Code: LKS18M15
Expiration: 5/03/08
See Additional: Footlocker Online Coupons

Barnes and
Save 25% Off Any 1 Item in you Online Order
Coupon Code: A8P8N9P
Expiration: 5/27/08
See Additional: Barnes & Noble Online Coupons

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