Tuesday, April 15, 2008

$123 in my Mailbox Today

For being Tax Day, I can't complain! Although I am running around trying to get the last of the forms signed by my husband and myself and to the post office before it closes ( yes, I did my taxes and e-filed long ago...but didn't I procrastinate on getting the signature page to them..of course ), what I received in the mail today made me happy!

My Survey came through for me today with another $10 check. I seem to be averaging about $10 a month with them. I love this survey site! By getting paid for my screeners, too, it really helps me get paid faster.

If you haven't signed up yet, click here. This sign up is for everyone!!!

If you are a new or expecting mother and want to sign up, here is a seperate sign up for you. Click here.

Then, my trials to Citi Protector on my Citi Cards came through for me today, too. I got a $10 Wal Mart Gift Card for the program on my Drivers Edge card, and I got another $10 Wal Mart Gift Card for the same program on my Dividend Card. So, $20 free! Perfect! Read here on why I like trial programs and how you can get freebies out of them, too.

Finally, my High Interest Checking Account statement arrived today. It was great. We got $92.56 in interest this month. Whew! I am SOOOO glad we aren't still banking at our brick and mortar bank anymore. Now, this is more than we get most months, but this is due to the fact that my husbands bonus hit, as well as our tax refund ( ugh...it is NOT good to have refunds everyone...oh, well ) and we are still setting up investment accounts, etc for them. So, the money hadn't been moved out appropriately yet...so we earned interest on it. Yeah!

Click here to read my post on how easy it was to switch and manage an online High Interest Checking Account and how I decided which bank. If you are looking, ING Direct offers a popular one. You can click here to sign up yourself.

So, grand total for me was $123! Fun, fun! Don't forget to take advantage of all these money earning methods, too.

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