Monday, March 3, 2008

Still a Lamb Day....More Money from my Credit Card

Credit Cards Main PageThe mailbox was brimming with money today. I got my latest Credit Card statement, and I made another $7.12 this month.

Now, this might not seem like a lot to you. But, considering there were only 4 charges on my credit card for the is actually quite a bit of money.

If you haven't read my post on the benefit of credit cards, click here. If you have, then you know my 2 favorite cards are the Citi Drivers Edge Credit Card ( 6% on Groceries, Gas and Drugstores ) and another one of their me for the name and details ( 6% on Utilities, Telephone, Cell Phone, Garbage, Cable/Satellite ).

So, all of these categories are charges most people have every month. Why not get 6% back! My charge this month was for my phone/internet bill ( 2 months charges..since one hit on 1/26 & the other on 2/24 ), cell phone and Dish Network. So, I made $7.12 for paying my bills. Okay, then, I thank you Citi Card! I will gladly take your money!

If you want this credit card for yourself, click here or on the picture at the beginning of this article. You will find their card listed. Please email me directly for the full name, as the company does not allow us to publish their name unless you are a professional finance site.

Update 3/4/08: Thanks for the great question, Evelyn. The Credit Card gives you your credit towards your mortgage. Since she doesn't have one, she wanted to know if she would see a benefit from this card. The answer is YES!! If you don't have a mortgage, they instead give you your reward money as a credit to your card balance. Meaning, if you earned $200 for the year, they would credit your account for $200. So, when your next month's bills hit ( say they were $200 for the month to make it easy ), you wouldn't have to pay it. So, you still get all the money. In fact, it is almost better that way!


Evelyn said...

I read the website for the Citi Home card. It said that the rebate is applied to the home mortgage. Is this the only way to get the rebate? Our house is paid off and I was thinking of getting the card. It is useless if the rebate only goes to the mortgage.

Carrie said...

Very good question, Evelyn.

You can still get this card and it is worthwhile for you, too.

If you don't have a mortgage, they instead give you a statement credit.

How it works, they accumulate all your credits for the year, and apply it to your mortgage on your 1 year anniversary. If you don't have a mortgage, they instead give you a credit to your statement.

So, essentially, as your new bills hit your credit card for your utilities, phone, etc, you won't have to pay them for awhile because your statement credit will be paying them for you!

Hope that makes sense.