Monday, March 10, 2008

New Birthday Clubs Added

First, thanks to Josh & Amanda and Ei for letting me know about 2 more birthday freebies.

Texas Roadhouse gives a free appetizer & City Barbeque sends a coupon for a dessert and something for your anniversary, too.

I also added Lone Star Steakhouse, as they claim to send a birthday gift????

Finally, I opened the mail today, and to my GREAT surprise, I had a $10 off TGI Friday's coupon for my birthday. Wow...the day AFTER we just went there and go a heck of a deal ( read my previous post ).

Do you think they would have let me use this and bring my total down to less than $3? ( just said one it couldn't have been combined with the Appetizer coupon ) But, hey, wishful thinking...that would have been one heck of a deal!

Anyway, I have added all 3 of these to the list. Click here to read the complete Birthday freebie post.

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