Monday, March 10, 2008

How we fed a family of 5 for $12 at TGI Fridays

Remember when I talked about the Reward Programs many establishments have? My original post was on the Gold Points system at TGI Fridays, and also my punch card at Marco's Pizza. To read that post, click here.

Also, if you just noticed my recent birthday freebies post, you will notice that many of these came with initial free appetizers, coupons, etc and signed you up for a newsletter. This is great news! These customer loyalty programs can be well worth it. For really no extra time on your part, you will get a benefit every time you shop or eat with them, or get special bonuses in your mail and email boxes.

Well, here is how my TGI Friday's Gold Points panned out for us. We got $15 to apply towards a meal thanks to the points we had accumulated over the years ( and I mean years ). Plus, I signed up for their newsletter and got a free appetizer.

We headed out last night, and ordered the following....

  1. Spinach Dip Appetizer ( the baby LOVED this cheese dip...seems to be digesting it OK so far ). :-) = $7.29
  2. Kid Pizza Meal w/Milk and fries = $3.59
  3. Kid Cheeseburger Meal w/ Mile and oranged = $3.89
  4. Parmesan Crusted Chicken ( delicious, by the way...low fat menu ) = $7.99
  5. Blackened Chicken Sandwich Platter = $8.29
  6. Sodas = $4.58
  7. Tax = $2.23

Total was $37.86

Minus $15

Minus $7.29

New Total was $15.57

I had a 20% Off TGI Fridays gift card from one of my clubs ( click here to read about discounted gift cards )

New Total was $12.46 ( We added a decent tip, too....I am not that cheap )

Of course, the 5th person...the baby...didn't have his own meal...but the way he ate that appetizer....he didn't leave much for the rest of us!

So, I hope this is a reminder for you. If you see a free loyalty program, JOIN!

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