Thursday, March 20, 2008

Congratulation Bunny!

No, no...not the Easter Bunny, although the timing is appropriate. I am talking about MY Bunny ( my hubby ). Yes, I have had this nickname for him since we started dating, and I do believe, my kids think both our names our bunny ( as it was originally the nickname he gave me...and I just started using it for him, too!) I will sometimes here my 3 year old daughter yelling through the house to her Dad, "Bunny, Bunny, where are you? "

ANYWAY, This is a big, huge CONGRATULATIONS to my bunny that I love!!

He just got a promotion to his coveted position of Director of Worldwide Finance for his company. He was currently holding a manager position, and had been dreaming of this since he was a mere analyst!!

I am SOOOOOOOOO very proud of him on so many levels. Although I was proud of him and would have been, even if he stayed an analyst forever, I knew he wanted this for himself someday. And, I had even decided and agreed I would move with him whereever he needed to go to achieve this....even though it meant leaving all our parents ( who I am VERY close with ), brothers, sisters, and all our close friends.

We knew last summer he was up for a promotion, but where it would take us was the question. The chance of something opening up here in Ohio with his company was slim, and starting in January, he has been on interviews in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Indiana and beginning to start the process for one in New Jersey...when all of our prayers were answered. Since last summer when we knew he would start the process this year, our family (us, too ), started praying for a job in Ohio to become available. And, it did!

So, Congrats, Bunny...and thank you to God for answering my prayers! Sometimes our prayers feel so trivial and I even feel selfish for praying for such things ( I am just thankful he is employed in this economy ), but it is always nice to know that God does hear us! I am SOOO thrilled to be staying here in our home! In fact, I have tears in my eyes right now!


Andrea said...

Carrie - I am so happy for you guys! That sounds like a great opportunity for him. And, God knows the desires of our hearts so it isn't at all selfish! God does answer our prayers all in His timing and locations - perfect that it's still in Ohio!!

icunursemicki said...

Congrats to your hubby!!!
It's awesome to see someone so happily married :)

Marly said...

Congratulations! Hearing of such wonderful things happening to others gives me hope that we'll find something yet - maybe even in Ohio. ;)

Becky said...

Hi Carrie,
I'm so happy for you & your family!! I truly think that things happen (and the timing with which they happen) for a reason. My husband just this week started a new job. He wasn't even looking for a change when a wonderful opportunity came along. Oh and I don't think any prayers are trivial.

Danelle Ice (Homemaker Barbi) said...

Congrats on hubby's promotion!