In My Mailbox Today! $19

Welcome to my Daily Feature on what arrived in my mailbox and where I earned or saved elsewhere! Come back daily to see what I am up to, and take part yourself! You can visually see how each of my methods could also benefit you and your family!

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Tuesday, November 24th
Total: $19

What are some key points for today?

1. Sale shopping combined with coupons can save a lot! I am up to 4 free cards ( the nice Hallmark expensive cards ) for next to nothing with these coupons that Hallmark keeps issuing in all the magazines!

2. Refer a Friend programs are for EVERYONE, not just bloggers.
Obviously, if you have a website, you will reach more people to refer. But, you can easily set up your own referral system.

Have you thought about going to Blogger and setting up a free web page listing all your Refer a Friend programs? You don't have to blog every day to do this, just a one time set up. You can set it up once, and add on new Refer a Friend programs as you utilize them.

Then, every time you earn from one of the companies, send a Facebook or Twitter message out to all your friends letting them know you earned and how easy it them to your web page listing all the companies.

Add an email signature linking to ALL the Refer a Friend programs you use on the blog. That way, every time you send an email out, your link to the page in included. Hey, and when you get it set up, don't forget to send a welcome email to all your friends asking them to check it out.

Create free business cards linking to the page. Leave them when you pay your bill at a restaurant. Every time you mail a letter, include your card.

This is a great way to make extra income for your family PLUS help your friends earn extra money, too!
Until tomorrow!