Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Fit Family Giveaway! Tee Shirt and Much More!

When you become a new mother, so many things roll thru your mind. From how to keep them safe ( don't go near that light socket ), to making sure they don't get a diaper rash to teaching them their ABCs.

Oh, I could go on and on with all the things I worry about and want to teach them. Above all else, I want them to grow up ( yes, make it through each day safely ), be happy and have a wonderful life. And, whatever I need to do on my end to get them to that end result, I will do!!

And, one of the top concerns of mine is health and fitness for my children. What they learn as a child, they will carry with them throughout their lives!! And, what they see their mother do, they will remember.

For my children, I am pretty specific. I want them to eat their fruit and vegetables..daily. They need their milk and water. And, they don't get very much juice. If they are lucky, they get one glass a day, and it is half juice/half water. And, my 6 year old son just recently had a bit of soda.

Exercise? Oh, yes. Run, children, run. And, have fun! When I do aerobics in my family room, my 4 year old daughter is right there next to me, getting underfoot, but having so much fun exercising a long.

My 2 year old son loves to dance around the family room with me. I put some fun music on and he bee bops around. He really, really likes the Bee Gees.

My point to all of this? Being healthy can be fun and enjoyable for your family. And, if you live the lifestyle from the time your children are small, they will know how important it is in their everyday life!
So, I was very pleased when offered a giveaway on my site for a "Mommy Needs a Time Out" Tee. is a website that offers a forum for discussing a family fit lifestyle, recipes and more. It even has some unique challenges.
In fact, they are also running a Blog Bash right now with their own giveaway and have wonderful, unique giveaways going on at many blog websites!

Want to enter my giveaway and many others? Click here for all the details!
Good luck and stay healthy!

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Jamie said...

Thanks for this offer, Carrie!

On a totally unrelated topic, does anyone have any idea what's going on with the mommysnacks blog? I haven't been able to get on there in days!

Carrie @ said...

She moved from Blogger to WordPress, so everything had to be moved over.

But, she is back up.

You can no longer get their via the blogspot address, because it doesn't exist.

Try typing the www in front of it and see if that works.

Let me know if you still can't get there and I will contace her for you.

Petula said...

I love that t-shirt. Great site... I'm glad I stumbled upon you. I don't know where I clicked from - guess I should slow down.