Monday, August 23, 2010

$25 or more - Preschool Shop

Another bonus shop! I love all Mystery Shopping, but when companies add on extra $ due to tight deadlines, it makes it more worthwhile.

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$22 Plus Bonus for Preschool Shop

If you are the mother of a 3 year old like myself, than this shop is for you. Market Viewpoint is looking for mothers with children this age to go to a Preschool and complete a shop. Your child is not required to go, but is invited.

The shops must be completed by August 26th and between the times of 8AM and 4:45PM. That is this week.

If you are not a member of Market Viewpoint yet, click here to provide me your information so I can send you an invite. This company is also very popular with apartment shops, so if you don't have a preschooler, still sign up.

Currently, they still have preschool shops left in OH, GA, MA, MD, MI, MN, NH, NJ, and TX. If you live in another state, still register so you will receive invites to future shops.

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