Monday, August 2, 2010

$100 to Picaboo for $25 - Groupon

Wow...two Picaboo deals in a row.

Although, this deal is actually courtesy of Groupon. If you haven not registered with Groupon yet, click here.

Groupon is a free site that has daily deals that differ per city. You log in each day to see what they are offering in your area, and if interested you can purchase at the discounted price they offer.

On top of that, they have a great Refer a Friend program. You get a $10 credit for each new friend that registers and shops. So, when you find a great deal like this one, make sure to tell your friends ( email, facebook, twitter ) and send them your referral link. This money can add up quickly and you can then purchase future deals with these earnings.

$100 Picaboo Credit for $25

You can only purchase 1 per person. The credit can be used in 1 order or over multiple orders, and you have 1 year to use it. This credit is good towards tax and shipping, too, so it works just like a gift certificate.

With this $100, you will be able to make some very nice photo gifts or make some beautiful keepsakes for yourself. And, don't forget, Picaboo not only has photo books, but also digital scrapbooks just in case you like that look better.

How to get this deal:
  • Join or login to Groupon here
  • Go to the Little Rock location ( even if you live elsewhere )
  • Buy the Deal before end of day today ( Monday, August 2nd )
  • Then, go here to shop Picaboo
I bought mine today and can't wait to begin creating some wonderful keepsakes.

Thanks Melanie R. for sharing this deal with me!

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Debbie (NDM #129) said...


I just went over and tried to sign up with ConsumerSay.

I gotta say that I quit it half-way through. They asked for my credit card account's user name and password, and normally, the golden rule of internet usage is never to give your passwords out to anyone.

They said it was secure, and they needed it to collect information, but I am not comfortable giving out my credit card user name and PASSWORD to a company.

$20 is so not worth it.

Carrie @ said...


This is absolutely a comfort offer. If this is something you are not comfortable with providing, then it is definitely not worth $20.

For me, since I have worked with this company for years and know they are part of CASRO, the Survey and Research group, I know they are a legit company.

Online Offers are also often comfort money earners, too. Many people are uncomfortable with the end part where you need to send a w-9 in to receive your money. But, with that one, unfortunately, it is a law in the U.S that they must provide a 1099 to the IRS when you earn money...even online. :)

But, definitely only ever do what you are comfortable with online. If you would be up sleepless at night worrying about it, it is not worth any amount of money.