Friday, June 18, 2010

$100 Vocalpoint Study

I got my first invite from Vocalpoint for a $100 Study in Cincinnati on Tuesday, June 29th. The topic is for plus sized women on shopping, styles and the right fit.

If you think you might fit and would like to earn an extra $100, click here to join Vocalpoint. You can then go here to take the screener. Already a member of Vocalpoint? Check your email, it was titled: Attend our focus group and earn $100!

Vocalpoint is a great online program to join. Not only can you get full size free samples, but also invites to studies like this.

Vocalpoint is brought to you by a division of P&G.

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Mercedes V. said...

I sure do miss your daily posts.
Hope you come back soon - Mercedes V.

Anonymous said...

I have missed your posts, too. There are a lot of blogs that do coupon match-ups, but your site has some very unique money saving ideas. I hope everything is okay, and you will be posting again soon. said...

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