Sunday, May 9, 2010

$600 in Focus Forward Study Opportunities & Earning w/Consumer Village

$600 in Study Opportunities - Focus Forward

Time to take your Focus Forward screeners and see if you qualify for any of these great research studies.

If you are new to Market Research and would like to learn more on earning with this method, click here. You will also see links to my favorite programs.

Before taking screeners, make sure to sign up for Focus Forward here.

  • $150 Nationwide Study ( $75 Preassignment & $75 1 Hour Interview ) May 11th or 12th
  • $75 Nationwide 90 Minute Online Focus Group for Men & Women - May 11th, 12th
  • $100 Nationwide 90 Minute Webcam/Phone Focus Group - Thurs, May 20th 5 to 7 PM EST
  • $125 Nationwide 5 day Online Bulletin Board for Women - May 12th thru May 16th
  • $150 Nationwide 2 day Online Bulletin Board for Men & Women - May 18th thru May 20th

Go here to take these screeners.

Remember to watch your email account, as Focus Forward will also send out quick surveys worth a few bucks here and there.

Earning with Gongos - Consumer Village

I wanted to touch on this company since I haven't talked about them lately. I just received my first payment from them this past week via a $5 Amazon gift card.

Why did I want to discuss?

Well, I was shocked when the gift code arrived. I had not requested a cash out ( with most companies, you usually cash out when you reach a threshold ) so I logged back in to research how this arrived.

Here is the gist.

With Consumer Village ( this is their nationwide portion of their company with smaller study opportunities ), you accumulate points as you participate in studies. Once you reach their first payment threshold, 500 tokens, you get $5 and a charity gets $.25. Your points still remain and once you reach the next threshold of 1,000 tokens you get another $5 for a total of $10 and a charity gets $.25 again. So, no need to redeem or remember to log in.

After you reach that threshold, you begin earning more. For example, the next threshold is 2,000 points, but instead of getting another $10, you actually get $15! Basically the longer you participate, the more you will earn.

I am also excited to report that Gongos sent a press release out last month announcing a Financial & Diversified division. They will now be conducting research in the banking and financial areas, with such companies as Visa and US Bank. I am looking forward to studies in this area.

If you still need to register with Gongos & Consumer Village, go here.

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