Sunday, May 2, 2010

$20 off $20 - Spring Hill Nursery Flowers

Perfect timing for Mother's Day!

I posted this deal the last two years, and I am always happy to see it back. I love Spring Hill Nursery! And, I love my flower gardens, too. So, if I can get cheap or free flowers for my spring planting, I am all for that. I always tend to add some additional perenials to my garden when this deal comes around.

The flowers above ( a rose ground cover ) is what I purchased this year. I plan to plant it around my rock wall out front.

Please do note: plants you pick will be shipped at the appropriate time for their planting. So, you won't necessarily get your shipment next week. But, if you give them as a gift you can always put a picture of your purchase in a card for the Mom in your life.

Also, these plants do not look very healthy when you get them. They are small and often times just look like roots. But, I have been planting their flowers for almost 10 years, and they have always grown into gorgeous flowers. In fact, I split these flowers and have even give some to friends as mine grow to large.

If a plant doesn't make it, they have a lifetime guarantee.

  • Click here to go to Spring Hill Nursery via Shop at Home. You will get $5 sign on bonus plus 11% cash back via this Rebate Shopping Site.
  • Order $20 worth of products and the total will automatically come off when checking out. You can order less, but only the amount of your purchace price will come off.
  • Use coupon code 414217
  • You DO have to pay shipping. But, it is still a great deal! Shipping comes to $7.95 for orders up to $20 and any order over $20 to $40 is $9.95. ( If your shipping charge comes up different, call them to find out why before placing the order. There shipping fee is posted under customer service and then Shipping Rates, for your backup. )
  • Please keep copies of all receipts and save them. Two years ago, our receipt only showed the shipping, but when our credit cards came...they had charged us the full bill. This did NOT happen last year, but I still like to keep my receipts just in case. So, make sure to watch your credit card. I simply had to call Spring Hill, email them a copy of the lower bill, and they refunded the difference. See why it is important to keep all receipts?
  • Plant your new flowers!!
Happy Mother's Day

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amy said...

After I clicked on your link it took me to another page that exlained the shop at home. And your telling everyone that you can use the 5$ sign up bonus right away which is not true. After you have reached 20$ in your shop at home account then they will mail you a check. So therefore you cant acctually use the 5$ to purchase anything and I think you should rewrite your description.
Im still going to place my order cause I think its a good deal.
I just dont want your readers to be misled like I was.

Carrie @ said...


Yes, this is all explained on my site.

If you click on my button in the left menu bar for Rebate Shopping Sites, it will explain how these sites work and give you access to many other sites that are set up the same.

Unfortunately, I have been blogging for over 2 years and have explained these types of programs over and over and don't want to bog my posts down with the description again and again for long time readers.

So, that was why I set the Rebate Shopping sites page up so new readers can learn about them.

Hope that explains better.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add that shipping is actually 12.95 flat rate when you use this coupon code. I just tried to purchase some and called them when the shipping went from 7.95 to 12.95.

Cassie and Jase said...

Mine did the same exact thing - it was only $7.95 but when I applied the coupon code, the shipping went up! =(