Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 Free Dayton Philharmonic Tickets

For all my neighbors in Butler and Warren County, this may be your opportunity to venture up to the Schuster Center in Dayton to see the Dayton Philharmonic.

Today, my RSVP cards arrived in the mail. These are postcards that are mailed to many homes with multiple coupon and promotional offers for local establishments.

In the current packet, there is a card for 2 free tickets to the Dayton Philharmonic. You can choose from any of these concerts:

  • Symphonie Fantstique - April 23/24
  • Children's Games & Stories - April 25
  • Rhythm in Shoes - May 7/8th
  • Great Britons - May 21/22
  • Fairy Tale Fantasia - May 23
You must submit for your tickets before April 30th ( or until they are gone )

To claim your tickets, there is a specific web address code on each postcard mailed out. So, grab your card and enter it online.

This could be a fun date night OR two of these concerts are for the family, so may be fun to take one of your kids.

Remember the rule of thumb for grabbing great deals, ALWAYS read all your junk mail. You never know what will be hiding in there.

Did you get your postcard and will NOT be using your tickets? Feel free to let me know and I can try and find someone who may want it so they don't go to waste.

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