Sunday, January 3, 2010

Year Round Savings - Guest Post at Shop at Home

My monthly guest post is up at Shop at Home!

Would you like to come visit me over there and hey, leave any helpful comments you may have and experiences with your sale shopping over 2009! To many of you long time readers, this post will be recap, but I would enjoy your insight.

Did your year round sale shopping save you money this past December? I would love to know! Was the year round shopping worth it?

Click here to visit my post.

And, here is a shot of my daughter that is also included on their site. She participated in the Gift Giving project this year and was given a little 5 year old girl, Joanne, as the one she was to buy a $25 gift for and give to her.

Due to my sale shopping, we pulled this Sleeping Beauty. Her dress lights up 3 different colors as you put the different fairy Godmothers into her hand ( valued at $25 ). I paid just over $6 for it.

And, I am happy to say she is still talking about Joanne. Christmas morning after she opened her gifts, she remembered ( and I was glad ) and asked if she was opening her Sleeping Beauty today. I assured her that she was!

My other children were also able to give gifts, too thanks to my stockpile, and I was able to save immensely!

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mona said...

Hi Carrie,

I've just read your post in Shop At Home! I'm so excited for you! Way to go!

I have one question though for the Target return policy. Last week, I purchased some Christmas items when they were still 50% off thinking that when they go 75%, I would just go to customer service to price adjust. However, they said that they cannot do a return rebuy for me and that they do not price adjust items that came from clearance. Is this correct? What can you advise me on what I should do regarding this issue. Thank you in advance. =)

Danielle Miller said...

I saved a ton by following your methods! I had a lot of those free bags from Brylane Homes that I used as gift bags. People were super impressed. And by shopping sales and getting freebies year round, I had all of my little gifts covered. This year my goal is to get more of the larger gifts I give for close family ahead of time too. And to get it all organized better too so that I know exactly what I have without having to pull it all out once a month to peek.