Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon House Party

Recently I was given a book from a friend, Becky at Saving Bits and Pieces, to read for her upcoming House Party for Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah! That is right, she signed up to host a party and was selected.

On top of that, another friend was selected for that upcoming Zatarain's Party. I am excited to attend both parties and support my friends!

So, it is a program that is fun and seems to be opening up to many of us. Have you signed up recently and been selected for any? Please leave a comment. I like to know when programs I share are actually working out for others.

For those new to the House Party concept, it is a great way for advertisers to get products in front of all of us! And, the benefit? You get tons of freebies ( I mean TONS ) just to try their products and have friends over to your house to try them, too.

Right now, House Party is offering a new party and you can sign up now to be considered:

Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon Brunch House Party
  • Guests get to eat brunch items w/Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon included
  • Chance to prepare other items as a group and then vote on their favorite
  • Host will receive 5 Free Turkey Bacon coupons & 15 to pass out to guests
  • Host also receives free Insulated Travel Mug, 1 Serving Tray, 1 Spatula/Tong Set
  • Guests also get recipes and gifts
  • Click here to sign up

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Rose Atwater said...

I had my Fun, Fit, & Guilt-Free party tonight (aka the Wii-Jello party). I did get some GREAT Freebies & it was awesome! I wonder what my chances are of being chosen again? Can't hurt to try!

Cassie said...

In December I hosted a Betty Crocker Cookie Party and last night was my Fun, Fit & Guilt Free House Party! So, I got chosen 2 months in a row! I can't wait to host another - my guests love them!

Carrie @ said...


I guess that is your answer! Two months in a row, Cassie...that is great!

I still have only had the Kodak party, so I am waiting to be selected again! I can't wait!

Danielle Miller said...

I've done three already! I did a Healthy Choice one, a Microsoft Windows 7 launch party (free copy of windows!) and the fun, fit, and guilt free one last night that scored me two free games for my Wii and a bunch of Jello Mousse!

amber said...

I got selected for the Fun, Fit and Guilt Free house party that I had last night. So fun! And some really great freebies!

Anonymous said...

I've gotten chosen for several of these parties already... for Domino's Pizza, Ford Taurus/Football and Barbie website. A friend of mine was chosen for the Martha Stewart Craft products. It's a great program. I love getting chosen, as it feels like I've won a contest or something. It gives an excuse to throw a party :) Good Luck !!!

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