Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Introducing Saving Bits and Pieces

Saving Bits and Pieces

I hope you noticed this image in my left sidebar, because I put it there at the beginning of the month to highlight a January Blog!

I hope to do this every month, so if you are a blogger or know of a good blog you read, let me know. I would prefer to find some that are different subjects ( books, recipes, dieting, family, movies, schooling, etc, etc ) that I don't normally cover.

This month, I wanted to highlight a new blog on the block, Saving Bits and Pieces!

Becky, the author, is a friend of mine from church ( yes, she used to watch Ella and I used to babysit her little boy in the nursery). Then, she became a reader of my blog 2 years ago when I started sharing online. We even recently spoke at a local Moms Club event together on saving money ( surprise, surprise ). This weekend, I will be heading to her house for a House Party! Yay!

So, this year Becky decided to finally bring her knowledge of saving to the internet. She is a grocery shopping saving guru and is very inspiring on how much she can get for so little.

On top of that, she rolls this into a great feature on her site, Menu Planning Monday. She incorporates many other deals, techniques and helpful information on saving, too.

AND, to really get you motivated to go visit her site this month, I am pleased to say she has her first Giveaway up!

$10 Subway Gift Card Giveaway

Enter to win a $10 Subway Gift Card by visiting here. Then, while there make sure to look around her great new site.

Congrats Becky on joining the blogging community!

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Becky said...

Thanks Carrie!!!