Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Trees - $14.99 and up at Target

I just picked up 4 trees! Yes, 4!

Not all for me, mind you. But, my sister-in-law just got her first home and didn't even put a tree up this year. So, I called her, and she said she wanted one.

Then, I called my Mom. Her tree is quite old and she has been looking for a new one for her house, but not wanting to spend the money. She said yes!

Then, we have a tree in our upstairs window that is, well, older than my husband and I! It was his from when he was a kid, and his mom gave it to us when we were first married. We have been wanting to replace it for years, but again, who wants to spend a couple hundred for a tree?

Then, the 4th? I have been wanting one for my foyer. And, at $14.99, my husband and I decided to finally make my Christmas wish come true. :)

Needless to say, if you or anyone you know needs a Christmas tree, Target ( stores may vary ) has their Christmas merchandise marked down.

At my store, they are NOT flying off the shelves, because the tags on the shelf still said $124!! And, that was the clearance price ( about 25 to 50% off depending on the tree ).

But, I noticed the ornaments were marked down, so I took a tree to the self scanner. I about fell over when it said $14.99! A price mistake? So, I grabbed a different tree ( this one was pre-lit ) and it came to $17.99. I asked one of the clerks to scan it and she said they just deeply discounted them. Yay!

So, don't go by the shelf tag. Grab one of the tree boxes and go to the self scanner. Thankfully, they have handles to carry them with, so they are easy to tote around.

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katy said...

Wow! What a great price! I got one on sale after Christmas last year. I paid more than that.

Danielle Miller said...

I got my Christmas tree after Christmas at Target two years ago. I wouldn't do it any other way! I also got a very small fiber optic tree after Christmas at Walmart this year. It's only about two feet tall, but I'm not putting any ornaments on it. This way my 1 yr old can touch it and be happy so we don't have to keep yelling at him for touching the big tree!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, Carrie! I put off getting a new tree this year, hoping there would be some sales after Christmas. Ours is a real Charlie Brown artificial tree, that leans over to one side in the holder, no matter what we do (we end up putting all the heavy ornaments on one side to try to balance it).

A very Happy New Year to you and your family. You have helped me & mine so much this year! And I can't wait to start your 2010 challenge. Thank you for everything you do!

Renee Richins said...

Wow! Do you have the DPCIs for these trees? You could find them on your receipt. I saw one on display yesterday and it still said 50%, but I figured it was at least 75%. I'd love to find one for 90% off.

Sue Rogers7 said...

Thank you so much. The nearest Target for me is an hour away. I called my daughter and we both went. I have a new beautiful tree for next year! I will use my current one in another area. They were flying out of the store today. Also, my son (who is only 7) has been bugging me to buy him some Axe body wash. Target had gift packs including two full sized bottles for $5! Great price as one full sized bottle in Walmart is $8. I bought two and they gave me a $5 gift card! That made each gift pack $2.50! WOO-Hoo

Carrie @ said...


What is a DPCI? Is that like the UPC code for the product?


That is great! I am glad you got in on the trees, too.

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much! My husband and I just came back from Target with 4 trees too. The total price was $39 and some change. I believe two of the trees were $12 and some change and the other two were only $6 each! Unbelievable! Thanks so much for the tip.

Renee Richins said...

The DPCI is different from the UPC. If you look at your receipts from Target on the left hand side of each proeduct there is a number, which is the DPCI.

It comes in handy when you want to see if your Target has a certain product in stock. I just call customer service and give them the number and they can type it in and see how much it is, if they have it in stock, how many they should have, or if another store has it. All that fun stuff. DPCI's are great to write down for items that you know will be marked down, such as Christmas stuff, or even the toys that are being marked down right now. Anyway, sometimes you can also find it on the actual item or if it has one of those red clearance stickers on it. It looks like this for example 002-06-0657.

I am hoping to find a tree that I saw that was 75% today, at 90% off tomorrow. Hope it's still there and it went 90%.