Saturday, November 14, 2009

Valued Opinions & Over $1,500 in New Studies

Time for the weekly feature on Market Research. I will strive to bring you new programs to join each week, as well as list any studies these companies are screening for at the current time.

Want to learn how to make money on Market Research and sign up for all current programs I have introduced? Click here or go to my Focus Groups button in my left menu bar. All the recommended companies I suggest you register with will be listed in the side bar, or if you click the All Posts button you will find some more I have discussed.

This week, I am introducing Valued Opinions

Many of you, I hope, are already members of Valued Opinions. Not only do they offer specialized research surveys up to $50, but they also offer the smaller dollar standard surveys.

Your money is accrued in your account and can be redeemed through their network for an assortment of gift cards.

I will admit, I get mostly the smaller amount ones. Although, I do get requests for them quite often. So, I wouldn't expect the higher dollar studies often. If you are only interested in the specialized studies, simply do not respond on the others. The dollar amount value of each study will be clearly displayed in the emails you get.

Interested in joining Valued Opinions? Click here.

Now, on to this week's studies. Sit back and spend a bit of time taking these screeners to see if you qualify:

USA Talk Now Panel

  • Click here to sign up with USA Talk Now Panel.
  • Once you are a member, click here to take all your screeners
And, they are:

  • $60 Baking Study

Resolution Research
  • Click here to sign up with Resolution Research
  • Once you are a member, click here to take all your screeners
Available Studies are:

  • Earn 1 Point for taking the screener even if you don't qualify. $5 Starbucks Gift Card for the quick study. Education Study

  • Click here to sign up with Focus Forward.
  • Once you are a member, click here to take all your screeners
And, they are:

  • $50 Nationwide Phone Interview Studies Dec 1-16th
  • $150 Philadelphia Center City Study Nov 30th
  • $125 Nationwide Online Blog from Nov 16-23rd
  • $100 Scottsdale In-Person Interview from Nov 18-20th
  • $75 Online Bulletin Board Nov 17th/19th or Dec 1st/3rd

20/20 Research

And, they are:
  • $100 Nationwide Online Study for Puppy Owners Nov 16-17th
  • $75 Nationwide Online Beverage Study Nov 17th-19th
  • $75 Nationwide Online Study if you Car Share. 18-24 yr olds. Nov 17-19th
  • $75 Nashville Women Health/Wellness Study Nov 19th
  • $500 Nationwide Health Issues Study Nov-Dec
  • $75 Nationwide Cold Medicine Study for Women Nov 17-19

Available Studies are:

  • Paid Dallas Study Males/Females 25-50 yr old Water Focus Group
  • Paid Telephone Study Males/Females 18-64 yr old who work for companies w/ Corporate Wellness Programs. Week of November 16th
  • $90-125 Dallas Study for Pregnant First Time Moms. Call Erica at 972-503-3100 ext 409
  • $75 Auto Maintenance & Repair Study Nov 18th-2oth

Assistance In Marketing

Available studies are:
  • $50 Cincinnati Laundry Study - 15 minutes Nov 19th. Call 513-683-6600 to qualify.
  • $55 Cincinnati Women 25-55 who have purchased/used a teeth whitening kit in the past 12 month Nov 17th. Call Whitney at 513-683-6600
  • $75 Cincinnati Women 35-63 who take vitamin and mineral supplements regularly Nov 19th. Call Victor at 513-683-6600
  • $70 Skin Care Study taking part on different days the week of November 9 -13th. Call 513-683-6600 and ask for the Skin Care Study
  • $75 S. Ohio Women 24 to 65 yrs old w/Household income of $60K or more trying to maintain or lose weight. Nov 11th & 12th. Call Wendy at 513-683-6600
  • $55 Cincinnati area Women 30-40 yrs old who don't use fabric softener/dryer sheets & have moved out in the last 3 years. Nov 11th & 12th. Call Dottie at 513-683-6600 *

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