Monday, November 30, 2009

Lightening Deals at Amazon Today!

If you are a regular Amazon shopper, you know about Lightening Deals. If you are a new, you can probably figure it out from the name of the sale. The items go Lightening Fast! Meaning, you need to be online as soon as the sale starts and order is IMMEDIATELY to get in on it. Remember, the $99 XBox deal? Lightening fast!

The other quirk about these deals is you don't know exactly what they are and the price until they are posted and the sale begins. But, the prices are often worth buying it! They are deeply discounted mostly. If it pops up and it is not that great of a deal, then skip it!

So, here is what is coming up today. Be ready! Simply scroll thru all the items in the window to find the items that match the picture above.

Hope you can snag some deals today!

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Deal Shopper said...

I always check out this page before shopping at Amazon:

Carrie @ said...

Always check the discounts! They usually will show the amount it goes down.

The Radio Flyer bike was a GREAT deal yesterday at $30 and was gone before I could get it, but the Coolio camera today was only $20 off.

The key is being there when it goes live to see what it is and how much off. If you miss it, you miss it!